Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Grandma + Grandpa Come to Town

The Calvary has arrived. On my mom's birthday (yesterday). We were all VERY excited when they arrived.  Especially Ivory.  Who couldn't fall asleep at nap time for her excitement. Strawberries + pound cake + whip cream + chocolate = delicious combination.  The pound cake was made by a 90-year-old woman in our church who is making cakes to raise money to give toward the talents (paying off our Family Life Center loan).  How do you turn down a chance to buy a cake from a 90-year-old lady baking for Jesus?  Not only that--they taste wonderful.  She's known for her delicious pound cakes (she frequently surprises our family with them). 

The kabobs, though not quite as artfully displayed, were inspired by this pinterest photo:

After the birthday excitement and before church the afternoon was filled with paper airplane making (Pa bought her a special book)  and Grandma + Grandpa's fun new hp touch pads. Ivory loved the games and listened to Grandma read her a Bible story about Ruth. 
When Micah woke from his 4-hour nap(!) he enjoyed time with Grandpa throwing his dinosaur, laughing hysterically, playing with balloons, and in general being his silly, sweet self.

Ivory came home from church to immediately knock on Grandma + Pa's door for more visiting.  Micah melted Grandma when he reached for her and gave her voluntary snuggles.  He buttered up Pa when he ran across the yard to him.  After a little play time we enjoyed bedtime stories and, of course, Pa + Grandma had to be the ones to tuck her in bed. 
She prayed for Pa + Grandma each as they took turns tucking her in last night.  She prayed they would sleep well and not be scared by spiders.  Ivory, "I can pray now!"  So sweet.

And right now they are visiting in the 5th wheel playing with the new and exciting things Grandma packed away for this trip.  Last few visits Micah has been unsure about visiting away from Mom, but this time he was not to be left behind and excitedly went to visit his new rubber duck friend, "Kack!" (quack).  And now you're beginning to see why this momma LOVES when grandparents visit.

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Mari said...

How fun is that? Tell your mom happy bday from me! So happy they are able to visit like that often!