Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's On Your Phone?


Swing set full of joy!  Feel so blessed when I look at this picture of all these adorable little ones.

Can't help but love this little snuggle bug of mine.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Addie's Three

We were excited to spend the afternoon at Addie's house celebrating her third birthday last Saturday.  Ivory made Addie's birthday card, wrote Addie's name all by herself and drew Ivory + Addie.  Love it + love the sweet 3-year-old birthday girl.  And there was a princess castle jump house!
+ great friends

+ a ball pool (Micah's personal favorite)
+ bubbles + sunshine + delicious ice cream cake

+ adorable rainbow party favors.

And the sweet birthday girl gratefully opened each present.
Korban was worn out by all the party fun and crashed in Addie's bed for a little while. 
Thanks for inviting us, sweet birthday girl!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beach Fun + Hail Storms + Fish Fry

On Thursday we enjoyed gorgeous weather at the beach.  The beauty of the beach never grows old.  Bobo + Ivory + MikeMike + Micah + Jason Sister lovin'

Ivory was fearless in the freezing cold water + waves.  Korban wasn't too sure about his visit to the beach, but he enjoyed it pretty well as long as mom stayed close.
The sun was awfully bright so our littlest man spent lots of time shade side.
Michael thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to the beach.
After spending a little time warming up to the freezing cold water he crawled right on in unphased by the waves lapping in his face. Korban -- our sweet little boy. 

After a gorgeous day at the beach we came home for naps.  We were woken up by a CRAZY hail storm.  This picture doesn't even come close to capturing the hail that blanketed the ground.  It went from 80 to 65 in minutes.  But, it still wasn't cold enough to keep the hail from quickly melting.  I was nervously on the lookout for tornadoes, but gratefully we were spared any danger.  And the kids got to see hail for the first time! After our freak storm we went to Bobo's house for a delicious fish fry. I always need a large salad to settle the grease at a fish fry.  So, that was my (super easy) contribution.  Love romaine lettuce with fresh strawberries, grapes + blueberries.  It's made perfect with poppyseed dressing, but unfortunately our local store doesn't carry that so rasberry viniagrette had to do. Michael loves looking out windows. Korban loves the thick carpet, toys + fun at Bobo's house.
Micah had a good time chatting it up on Michael's phone while Ivory took Mrs. Thelma + Mr. George on a looooong walk and splashing in mud puddles as daddy + the teens skim boarded in the church yard. Cassie didn't think Michael should be nakey (but who doesn't want to see all that adorable baby chub?!) so decided to clothe him.

Grandma snuggles are the best -- Korban enjoying some love from Mrs. Sandie + Bobo rocked her grandbaby to sleep. 
The food was delish but the fellowship even better.  We will be so sad to see Nina + Micahel go. =(  Come back soon--Texas is too far away!

Nina Visits

Nina + Michael came to town this past week and we were so excited!  Tuesday evening the Strouds had a sort of reunion with people they have attended church with over the years.  It was our first evenings to see Nina + Micahel.  Little Miss Sunshine
Korban made new friends and hung out some with Meme.    Micah enjoyed Cassie snuggles.

He also met some new friends. We enjoyed meeting the twins. We also enjoyed some delicious food.
And some good laughs.  Group shot in sanctuary of the church they all attended together. Sanctuary Play time -- Micahel + Micah.  Micah *loves* Michael this visit and wants him to climb, crawl, walk, and run with him.  He keeps going up to Michael and hugging him. Cassie enjoyed some sweet newborn snuggles. So many babies to love on and enjoy. Then Wednesday night Nina + Michael came to visit at our house.  Micah went to bed that night before Michael + Nina left.  The next mornng Micah woke up looking for Michael all over the place + calling his name.  So sweet.
We love us some Michael + Nina time!