Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homemade Christmas

Here is one of the sweet teens I often enslave invite over to help with the kiddos and hang out. We sometimes work on a few crafty sewing type projects as well.

For the record, I didn't actually make her wash all those dishes. What we did do was make this cute little apron as a Christmas gift for her momma.

Joni did an excellent job modeling it--I might have to call her in as my little model more often.

Now that Christmas is over I can share some of the projects I've been working on for the past few months. Though, being forgetful like I am I only remembered to take pictures of a few of them before giving them away.

-Sewed a car cozie for my nephew. Forgot to take a picture. It was cute.
-Sewed my own version of a changing pad turned into diaper + wipes clutch for my sister-in-law. Again, forgotten photo session.
-Spray painted stencil shirts with my sister's photography business logo for her family of four. You guessed it--no picture.

-Created lots of flower silk headbands + a few flower rings for my sisters. The only reason there are a few pics of the flowers is because my photo genius sister was the recipient of this gift.

These were thrown together last minute in a ship-shape sort of job for my adorable little niece, Larissa.

-Put together a no-sew-poncho for my sister (no pic)
-Wide-elastic skirt for Ivory's little friend, Addie with leftover fabric from her momma's circle skirt (no picture of the one I made, but it looked exactly like this one)

-I made these little circle skirts for my nieces using supplies I had on hand.

I made a few other projects, but can't remember them at the moment.  I had a very long list of other projects I was hoping to finish...but alas, time was not my friend.  So, I was forced to content myself with a few more store bought gifts then I had first anticipated.  But, that involved a little shopping, which I'm definitely not opposed to!

How was your Christmas?  Did you attempt anything crafty or homemade? 

-My sister, Debi, made some delish desserts.
-My sister, Sherri, decorated her house with tons of lights, made a huge batch of Christmas cookies, and hosted a mini Christmas party at her house to watch their local Christmas parade.
-My childhood friend, Lynne, made these sweet treats for her husband's business.
-My local friend, Melissa, made some amazing cinnamon honey butter, of which we were grateful recipients.
-My favorite sewing blogger, Dana, made some precious Christmas decorations, as well as many other things.
-Crafterhours hosted a Pottery Barn Knock-Off week of Christmas decorations.
-One of my favorite all-around bloggers, Darby, posted some great homemade gift ideas, salt dough ornaments and this precious video of her children reciting the passage in Luke about Christ's birth.
-My in-laws, as always, were extremely generous toward us, bought the perfect gifts, and made way too many delicious, fattening foods.  My jeans are definitely too tight for comfort.

What I love is the uniqueness of each individual.  The beauty of each tradition, each gift, each family.  I praise God for giving us all unique talents and abilities.  I praise God that He allows us to share these with others.  I'm grateful for those of you sharing your talents with others and with me.  Thank you for being a blessing in my life.

This past week I have been extremely reflective.  Lots of soul searching and self-examination, most of which has been pretty painful.  I know that I will come out of it a little softer, gentler, and forgiving.  But the process sure hurts.  In this time I'm grateful to be reminded of the many loving, kind, generous people I am blessed to know and call friend, even family. 

God bless each of you in a unique way this coming year as you seek to put Him first in all you do.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Jax

Christmas Eve


Grandmothers comparing notes.

Grandma stealing some sweet Micah Man snuggles. You can't see it in this picture but his onesie perfectly captures my feelings this Christmas, "All my mom wants for Christmas is a silent night." Yes, oh, yes. MikeMike & Bobo--you know so well.

The men setting up the 5th wheel for us to stay in--full house!

One handsome Grandpa.

Uncle Matt.

Ivory & Micah stealing some bedtime snuggles while watching Tinkerbell on Pa's big screen TV.

How can you not love this sight?!

Christmas Day

Ivory opening Micah's stocking--the one she wanted to open first. She better enjoy it while she can, next year he probably won't be so obliging.

Showing Micah the goods.

Mini Santa chillaxin.

My new sandals from my sweetie! I *love* them--and the fact that I live where it's warm enough to wear them on Christmas day! I did have to put socks on that evening...and it actually snowed the next day! That's Florida for you.

The goods from "Ivory's own stocking!"

"Grandaddy open it?"

Micah enjoying the goods from Ivory's stocking.

Brushing her blueberry doll's hair. Nana knows how Ivory *loves* her some blueberries.

Grandaddy's little reindeer.

Of course EVERYONE needed Ivory's help opening their presents--Nana was no exception.

"Put curlers in Ivory's hair?"

A jungle animals puzzle. "That's SO tinsel!"

No shortage of cameras here.

Giving Nana the gift she made for her & Grandaddy. Of course Nana needed help unwrapping it.

Ivory told me what to write on the paper then she colored it and we put it in a special cup for Nana & Grandaddy to cherish.

"Ivory loves (heart) Nana & Grandaddy."

The santa. He is 33 years old. They first used him the year they were engaged, which I recently learned was only 3 months after they met. They were married 3 months later. I guess when you know, you know! And they've still got it going on!

Legos! We love us some legos!

"Make a house, daddy! Make a house."

"Make it tall? I make it tall!"

And now we know where Micah gets it from--check out the tongue.

Daddy helping to make it really TALL!

"Check it out!" Right before she decides to make it crash.

Wrapping herself up and hiding in bubble wrap.

Uncle Matt opening his Chrismas gift from us.

Ivory exploring the contents of Mommy & Daddy's stocking.