Friday, August 24, 2012

Recent Video

Ivory hijacks my phone:

Korban swinging--take 1:
Korban swinging--take 2:
Korban in his highchair:
Korban chatter:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Night out

One night we went out with MikeMike, Bobo, and Cassie to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Pepper's.  Mexican food + friends = winning combo
Of course we had to have fun walking around downtown after eating. 
And a trip to the park:

Great night!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sewing Class

Two weeks ago I launched my first ever sewing class.  I wanted to purposely keep it small since it was my first class and I wanted to be sure to have plenty of teacher-student interaction.  I opened it up to five students with very little publicity/advertisement (on purpose).  I ended up with only two students, which was smaller then expected, but perfect really.  It's better to make your mistakes on a small class! =)  I also enjoyed working a lot one on one--it's really the best way to learn.  I also just enjoy small groups, always have.  And we had a blast!  In between helping them with their projects I was able to work on some of my own--mostly missions type projects. 

I scheduled the classes when Jason wasn't working so he could take on the three kids--which he bravely and enthusiastically did for 3 hours each day.  The first day included watching a thunderstorm on the front porch while daddy taught about electricity + science and safety concering storms.  Ivory has always loved storms, cheering + squealing for the thunder.  Micah...not so much.  He's okay when he's awake, but terrified when thunder wakes him from his sleep.  Korban seems mostly oblivious.

I pulled out most of my sewing projets for examples, ideas + inspiration.  I didn't realize how much I've made until I did this.  It was sort of exciting/encouraging.   
My sewing students Cassie + Jessica hard at work.  Jessica's sweet baby Malayna joined us each day. She was a doll!  Every day I'd bring Ivory + Micah over for a short visit during class.  They *loved* visiting sewing class.  I let Ivory lay out ribbons + design a baby tag blanket for me to sew. 
We made baby tag blankets for the A Women's Pregnancy Center in Marianna.

After our first class there were some supplies I needed to gather from Jo-Ann's + Hobby Lobby (our only sewing stores within 40 miles...yes, sad, but I'm grateful we have two!).  Since Jason had the kids all morning I took all three with me.  No, I am not that mom who just *loves* going to the store with all three kids.  It's sort of fun if we're just there for kicks, but when I actually need to look for something it's just plain exhausting.  But, we try to have fun with it and most of the time they don't do too bad.  Today was not that day.  Well, before I'm guilty of ungratefulness I have to admit that Ivory was as good as gold + Korban couldn't have been better.  Micah must have thought he needed to cover the whining + disobedience ground for all three of them.  Here he was excited because he caught sight of his beloved Lightning McQueen.

Korban is interacting more and more with the kids--so fun.
Micah spent most of the day in the cart because of his constant running away.  Yes, I'm ashamed to admit I was that mom chasing my son because he ran away from me instead of to me.  Humbling.  Proper store behavior is next on the training docket for this one.  Micah + McQueen the blur:

I will say this in his favor, he has the most winning smile + is extremely sweet and friendly.  Ivory + Micah both are for that matter.  They know how to win a stranger's heart with their cheerful hellos + conversation...even if it doesn't completely cover their wild behavior.
On our outing I enjoyed browsing some beautiful fabrics.

gray + linen + pinstripe = swoon

Hobby Lobby now sells ruffle fabric!  And in fun + bright colors!  Fabrics purchased for a class project:

Chevron project cut out + ready:

Day 2!

Malayna was just as good + sweet the second day.

It was so nice to get a break in the mornings, but even with that break Tuesday afternoon was a bear.  One sweet moment in the day was this imaginative moment between Ivory + Micah as they played a game on my computer (it was off) together.
Korban refused to nap all afternoon.  After a 3 hour cry fest he finally konked out in my arms...for about 5 minutes until I layed him down.  Yes, Tuesday was an exhuasting day.  I thought I'd lose my sanity.  My husband sweetly brought home gifts of food in my distress.  He's a keeper for sure. My current weakness: Krave cereal.  I'm trying hard to feed myself + my family more natural, non-preservative ridden foods.  Some days, weeks, even months just seem to need cereal...and other food.  Two steps step back.   

We had three great days of sewing class...and then it happened.  Jason woke up super sick on day 4 so our best laid plans changed.  As Jason really needed lots of rest so I decided to pack the kids up and head over early to my friend Mrs. Patty's house for a visit.  Ivory had a *blast* playing with her new friend, Isabelle.  I hardly even saw her for nearly 5 hours she was so happily playing! Micah took a four hour nap during our visit + Korban a 2 hour nap.  I felt like Tuesday's curse had lifted.  What a beautifully fun + refreshing day.
I am so blessed by the friendship of this sweet family.  Mrs. Patty (mother of 8!) has such wisdom and her insight + encouragement are invaluable in this journey of motherhood.
On Friday a few doctor visits were in order for my sweetie so I took him to his appointments.

We snuck in a short lunch date while the kids were in good hands.

Over the weekend + in the evenings I cut out lots of pillowcase dresses (twenty-six) to sew for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes our church sends out (they send out 100). Chevron goodness: Chevron clutch: Cassie making pink heart pajama shorts.  Who wouldn't love those? Cassie's projects: pink shorts + knee length sparkle yellow skirt! Messy station = creative progress Glitter clutch to come: Sustenance break: Cuteness: One afternoon after class I found my kids making their own slide.  Love it.  Backpack project for Operation Christmas child!  Thanks for the fabric from Melissa + Addie. 
A few of the pillowcase dresses: Works in progress:
One afternoon I hired a sitter for a kid-free afternoon.  I love my kids...but then I also enjoy alone time.  Jason took a mini work break and we stole away for a spontaneous mini-date of gas station milkshakes.  Delicious, right?  We live in a very small town...

Then I had a wonderfully deliciously long date with my sewing machine:

Jessica's projects:
"My girls" are rockstar seamstresses already!  I had such a blast with them.  Let's do it again, some time!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter to Mom

Only one of the sweetest notes ever:

The Weekend

Sooo...the sewing bug has bit me so bad that all my evenings are filled with cutting out sewing projects once the kids go to bed and squeezing in time to sew those projects during the day when they're awake (my sewing station is in kid's bedroom).  Well, they're napping and (suprisingly) I'm actually awake, the dishes are washed, the house clean, laundry folded and I figured I would take a break from projects ot update this poor, neglected blog of mine.

Here are some pictures of one family weekend.

Happy Korban--he just loves his outside swing.  It's nearly magical in it's ability to produce long lasting smiles + hours of entertainment.
My sister calculated that it has rained 75 days straight.  Wish we could share with the West.  Since we can't, we spend lots of time indoors and when we feel brave we venture into the mosquito world to enjoy the outdoors.  I know this sounds like complianing, and I guess it is.  However, I realize that the rain is simply uncomfortable and incovenient.  Really we are so blessed and we do still see sunshine for a little while at least once a day.  Who doesn't love a baby in a sink?
My kids spoile me with handpicked flowers all the time.  I'm so blessed by their continual acts of love.  One way to spend a rainy afternoon:

I sported my lace extender slip at church on Sunday.  Love it! walking to SS Sunday school with our favorite Cassie!  Ivory's drawing during Snday morning church.  According to Ivory I have two tongues.  Ivory's personal fashion ensemble:  Sunday afternoon outside:

Sunday morning service was, um, hard.  Three kids.  Over an hour + half service.  The kids got the best of me.  We left early.  That night, Cassie, being the amazing person she is, watched them for me so I could actually *focus* in church. 

Sunday service inspired pages of quiet book ideas:
While I love creating the ideas, I don't love actually making the book.  It's a more handsewing crafty project + crafts aren't as much my thing.