Friday, August 10, 2012


I am so grateful for all the online inspiration I find through creative blogs + pinterest.  I love using this inspiration to bless my family, friends, and others.

Love the ombre trend such as this dresser:
Source: via Angel on Pinterest

and this feathered ombre skirt:

I love how they went for this effect horizontally with vertical stripes:

skirt idea - iKAT

I love the color combos in this room:
These look so simple + delicious!  Now I just need to tear myself away from my sewing machine + computer to actually cook...
Hassleback potatoes 

This chicken includes so many of my favorites!  Deliciousness for my waist?  Not so much.

Monterey Chicken

Loving the Skirting The Issue series by Simple Simon & Co.  These ladies have impeccable taste.

What are some of your favorite style + food blogs?

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