Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Story Times & Singing

Story time on Daddy's lunch break. Micah was bringing books to Daddy for him to read. He actually sat through one whole book very attentively. By this story time he was losing interest in being still...

Ivory entertained us with delightful singing before bed tonight.

Everyday Happenings

Ivory and Mommy playing school.

Then Mommy took a break to sew and the kids played for a while in the baby tent.  So precious to hear their squeals and laughter.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Micah Eating a Popsicle

This is kind of an older movie that I realized I never posted. It was so fun to watch him eat his first COLD treat.

Bike Ride

Our friend Betty Jo found a good deal on this bike trailer and bought it for us--so generous and thoughtful that girl.  We thoroughly enjoy it!  Jason has taken the kids for several rides (major points with mom here!) and I even attempted to take them for a ride last Thursday when Jason has music practice in the evening.

The kids really enjoy it (well, Micah's happy as long as Ivory's not deciding to purposely bang her head into his...).  I know, I know, they need bike helmets--we don't ride far and are ride really slowly.  We are working on getting bike helmets asap.  We put pillows in for the ride now since the rides often lull them into a near sleep.  Perfect bedtime prep.

My sweetie getting us all set-up and showing me how to do it so if I ever want to set up and go when he's not around.  I am proud to say I figured out how to dismantle it and put it all away with ease. 

It hardly even feels like I'm pulling anything.  It's just that my leg muscles were screaming at me reminding me we haven't ridden a bike in years.

So, though our ride was quite short, it was a nice one.  I'm hoping to maybe make the next one last a good solid 30 minutes instead of my 15-20 minute ride (and I'm being quite liberal in my time estimate)...we'll see.  Thanks again, Betty Jo--we all love it!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anniversary Getaway

Last week Jason and I begged my parents to stay a few extra days (really didn't take much convincing, they're suckers for these kiddos) and snuck away for a few days to celebrate our fifth year of marriage.  It was AMAZING.  Loved getting to relax, go where we wanted to go, when we wanted to go.  No cooking, cleaning, chores, etc.  So nice.  So grateful that God orchestrated everything perfectly so we could go.

Our first stop was Eden Gardens State Park where the grounds were gorgeous.  A perfect shady stop on this super sunny, humid day.

There was a gorgeous home that we enjoyed from the outside view...as we weren't really interested in paying another fee to tour it.

Love the brick lined path and the huge oak trees.

This is one of my favorite bushes.  Love these flowers.

Jason loved how this branch reached all the way across the path down to the ground.

I think this is an intercoastal of some kind.  There was a crab in the water so I'm thinking brackish water? 

Gotta love some self-portraits!

After stopping for at the Sandestin Outlet mall for a smoothie, a little shopping, then lunch at Panera, we headed to Sandestin Beach.  The water was gorgeous, with some waves and a relatively strong current.  The water was very chilly, but we enjoyed alternating laying out and playing in the waves.

LOVE the gorgeous beaches in the Destin area.  We also enjoyed going to the Destin beaches and some calmer waters where we spent a lot of time floating.

After a long day at the beaches we spent some time at an outdoor mall, the Destin Commons (the one with the fountains and fun play area).  Since we had a delish seafood lunch at a restaraunt in Harbor Walk Village we had a simple meal of club sandwiches and fries at Johnny Rockets.

Jason patiently went in more clothing shops and so I decided he more then deserved a turn at the Bass Pro Shop.

We took these pictures to show Ivory the fish.

Thanks so much Mom & Dad for watching the kids and giving us a relaxing, worry-free vaca.  We came home re-energized and refreshed.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Outdoor Water Fun

Daddy pulled out the water toys for more outdoor fun Sunday evening. Ivory enjoyed it for a short while, but Micah lasted longer.

The kids have quite the outdoor fun hook-up now with all the cool water toys and this outdoor kitchen set & baby doll stroller from Bella. Ivory is *loving* this ste-up. Thank you, Bella!

Micah Man finally ready to dry off and warm up.

I love my boys!

Micah discovering his fun refrigerator magnet while Mom attempts to make dinner.

He especially loves pushing the frog so the music plays and he can dance (bounce) to it. I tried to catch him doing it on video, but he was already done with that by the time the camere came out, of course.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Micah Singing Ivory's Name

The orange chalk holder Micah is carrying around is Ivory's favorite "microphone." You might remember the videos of her singing into it on the porch steps (her stage). Well, Micah found it, picked it up and started singing into it.

The song soon became a word repeated over and over that we recognized. He even tried walking to the porch steps to sing on "Ivory's stage." Can you catch Micah's favorite lyrics he sang over and over for nearly 10 minutes?

Micah took turns singing and catching bubbles.

Church at The Park + Micah's Baby Dedication

Sunday morning we enjoyed a church service at the park with a picnic lunch following. I love changing things up and love that we gathered to worship God in his beautiful outdoors. This service was extra special because we dedicated Micah to the Lord and our families were there for this special service.

Sitting with daddy during the preaching.

Ivory was VERY ready to go play by the time the service was wrapping up and the baby dedication beginning.

Even if she was a little squirmy, I'm glad we could be there as a family to dedicate Micah to the Lord. All 5 of us.

Our good friends Buddy & Betty Jo were also there with us dedicating their youngest son, Ezekiel to the Lord. Micah & Ivory love Caleb and ZekeZeke and we love their whole family so it was special to share this time with them.

Ivory was very focused...on the leaves and dirt...

Trying out some acrobatics.

Betty Jo's kids did a brilliant job showing off their excellent behavior.

Mine, well, they were very "comfortable" in front of everyone...Brother Mike: praying, Jason: stopping Micah from throwing the Bible, Lee Ann: giving Ivory some "instruction"...Glad we got the whole thing on video since it was a little bit challenging to focus...

Micah loved his Bible...but wanted to see if it threw as well as a ball.

Love our pastor. Micah was not impressed that we wouldn't let him dive into Brother Mike's arms while he was praying.

A calm moment when Ivory wasn't jumping on and off the step and Micah wasn't trying to grab Zeke's Bible (that he was trying to share with Micah) and chunk it.

Brother Mike then took a moment to honor Jason for his nine year anniversary of serving at this church. I was so proud as I stood next to my husband and heard the wonderful things Brother Mike said about him--all so true. Very, very proud wife here. Love you, baby!

The church family was very sweet about coming up after the service and thanking our family for our service. We have a very encouraging, loving church family that helps make our service here so blessed.

Post-service digging into some food.

Ivory looked so big sitting in this chair eating her food like a little growny.

It was very warm that day...Micah was getting very comfortable.

Ivory pleased to have earned her Hello Kitty cupcake with a happy plate.

Micah trying out sister's chair.

I'm excited to see how God's going to use Micah in His kingdom. We give Him to the Lord and pray He helps us as we are merely stewards of His children in this season of life. Lord, use our family to bless You.

Oh, and for die hards, here's the 10+ minute video of the baby dedication.