Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Doctor Ivory

Tuesday we hit up two doctor's offices bringing along the WHOLE family...yes. Our wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Dale, was having a Patient Appreciation day where he invited all his current patients to come in for a free adjustment and refreshments. He only asked we make a food/monetary donation to the Rescue Mission (Christian ministry to the homeless). So, of course we took advantage of his generosity and brought the entire family in. Previously that month I'd scheduled an OB appointment so rather then make the long trip separately or twice, we just all came along. Well, Micah wasn't too fond of the OB office so him and Jason took a very long walk outside while Ivory and I read books and played together.

We came prepared with her backpack of entertainment.

Ivory pretended to be mommy while Midwife Mommy checked her baby's heartbeat. Then Dr. Mommy played chirporactor and checked her back.

After fixing her doll's hair

Ivory had to check her baby's back like Dr. Dale would.

Then her baby was crying so she fed her a bottle like a good little mommy.

After our very long wait and super short visit...we headed to Dr. Dale's. Where we had a very short wait and a nice visit...and Ivory's favorite part, a delicious snack of fruit, cheese and crackers.

Ivory was VERY still for Dr. Dale and especially enjoyed her "ride" on his blue table.

Daddy waiting with Micah for his turn. Micah was definitely less impressed with the whole experience. Thankfully Dr. Dale's skilled enough to hit a moving target.

It's so cute, at home whenever Ivory's dolls are sick they go to Dr. Dale. If anyone has a problem she assumes they should visit Dr. Dale. I'm not sure if she especially loves him...or his waiting room with a fish tank & toys and the child exam room with a basket of fun toys. Either way, I'm glad he makes visiting the chiropractor such an enjoyable experience. And Mom & Dad are grateful for back relief! As Ivory would say, "Yay, Dr. Dale!"

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