Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mississippi - day 3

Mother's Day

Ivory enjoyed breakfast with her great Grandmother on Mother's day.

Micah riding to church.

These are pictures we'll cherish. Ivory walking into church on Mother's day with her Great Grandmother and Grandaddy, Micah with Aunt Mel.

Micah Man with daddy after church.

Mother's day with my babies.

Jason's parents & Grandmother.

Notice the clothing change...Ivory couldn't quite make it to the potty in church...and peed on the both of us. Being a mom definitely has it's hilarious moments.

So glad we could spend Mother's Day with Grandmother.

After naps (the kids slept in SEPARATE rooms this they actually napped) Jason built the kids a wonderfully redneck pool.

Which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The engineer.

Grandaddy removing mildew from the house.

Grandmother's boys (she has five of them) bought flowers and sent all the way from Alaska!

Uncle Joe showed up later on his Harley. Ivory was fascinated and Micah frightened.

Mommy enjoying Micah snuggles after his little swim.

Love this picture of Jason in his Grandmother's kitchen with little Jason holding his leg.

Ivory before bed.

When I told Ivory Uncle Paul had left (he had to leave for work during her nap) she was so sad and said, "Oh no, I didn't get to say goodbye to him! I need to give him a hug. He needs to come back and I'll give him a hug and kiss." She really likes her Uncle Paul.

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