Friday, May 13, 2011

Mississippi - day 1

Ivory woke up and immediately enjoyed some fresh, outside morning air with Grandaddy.

Which later grew into helping daddy pick up sticks. Which is where we joined them for some fresh air, a cool breeze, and good fellowship.

Jason's grandaddy planted this gorgeous oak tree when Jason's dad was just a boy.

Ivory enjoying wheelbarrow fun with Grandaddy.

Ivory picked these flowers for me. Sweet girl.

Water, dirt, sticks = fun

Gotta love some Nana lovin'.

I really enjoyed some time with Grandmother.

Micah immediatley warmed up to Jason's Uncle Paul.

Ivory loves him, too. I think he won her heart when he helped hang the tire swing for her.

Aunt Mel, Great Uncle Joe, Daddy.

Grandmother B is one of the hardest working women you'll ever meet. It's sure hard to get this woman to slow down!

Grandmother cooked a big, delicious Southern dinner for all of us. Two of Uncle Paul's kids Caleb & Hannah joined us for dinner, as well as Caleb's girlfriend, Jessica. Ivory ate up all the attention.

Jason, Micah, Nana, Grandaddy, Grandmother, Uncle Paul.

Grandmother raised 5 hard working boys, too. She raised them right--they work great outside and in, yes they help in the kitchen, they even do dishes.

Hannah putting Grandaddy's ice pack on Ivory's back.

Enjoying fellowship with the family.

Aunt Mel, Ivory, Hannah.

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