Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peek-A-Boo with Dad

Daddy's super good at making me laugh!

I just peeked in at Ivory to make sure she was napping and this is what I found:

She somehow managed to pull my shirt off the hanger and fell asleep holding onto it. Precious, crazy little girl!

I keep the playpen in our big walk-in closet so I can sew in her room while she's napping. I moved it away from my dresses once she started pulling up, forgot about the shirts...

What Ivory was doing...

Here's what Ivory was doing while we all competed in Orlando, then went to Rock Springs.
Auntie lovin'
Uncle lovin'
Cousin lovin'
She loves visiting the Pruitt family.

Monday, April 27, 2009

State Bible Drill Weekend

Ivory is clearing the bottom bookshelf and tasting the books in my bedroom as I type. She is quite the little explorer today! So, I must be hasty in posting pics of this past weekend! ... Couldn't finish yesterday...trying again, this time while she's napping!
Waiting for the Youth Drill to begin.
9th Grade Competitors (L to R): Stephen, Lyndsey, Austin
Fan club! Alex, Jason, Aliya, Randy (Aliya & Randy were 10th grade High School drillers), Josh
Aliya's parents, Rey & Melinda, came to cheer her on!
Rey was a big help with driving.

Ally came to cheer them on as well, and because she wanted to be with me, of course! ;-)
Ally with her crazy Uncle Jason.

Youth competitors. The girl holding the microphone was the State Youth Bible Drill winner from last year. She's from our neck of the woods in DeFuniak Springs.
Austin: 23/25 correct
Lyndsey: 25/25 correct
Stephen: 24/25 correct

Lyndsey made into the final round with the top 12 Youth finalists.
This girl can find her some Scripture now! She only missed one call in the final round.
These kids are amazingly skilled with a Bible and Scripture memorization. A truly incredible sight to behold. The guy on the far left won for the whole state and will be representing Florida in Lousiana for nationals.
Oh, and did I mention this was Lyndsey's FIRST YEAR?!
Aliya poses as first runner up with the state winner, Stephen. She did an INCREDIBLE job! This is her 3rd year (1st in the high school round) and she came in close second to this 9 yr, former state winner, senior. In fact, she was even faster then him, but she missed one call so she placed 2nd. Way to go, Aliya! If anything happens to Stephen she'll be our competitor at nationals.
The motley crew.
Crazy pic!
Lyndsey's parents, Donna & Buddy, came to cheer her on.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Around The House

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Ivory, Ca Ca, and Bear

Ivory not only loves Angel, but she ADORES her bear that daddy bought her. It was her first present when only the Lord, her daddy and I knew she existed. Within the past 2 weeks she has become extremely attached to it. She lights up when she sees it, will strain to reach for it and pull it out of the diaper bag, carries it around with her and even crawls with it. She threw a temper tantrum when I took it from her so she could eat. I think we need to invest in another one ASAP...
My family, remember Ally's blue cat? Oh, and Sherri, Ally & Danielle, "Oh Bear" has become all too appropriate of a song in this family...Jason thinks we should ban the song so Ivory doesn't get anymore ideas.

The most pitiful thing happened Saturday morning. Ivory has this shoe fetish (guess she takes after her mom, minus the chewing part). So, Jason had told her no and taken some shoes away from her that she was trying to eat. Well, she began wailing and throwing a small tantrum (she was also very tired and ready for nap time). Then, she crawls over to me, kneels in front of me with her hands on my legs, leans on me, and looks up at me with the most pitiful expression you can imagine with crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks. Talk about melt your heart material! Of course I wanted to support her dad, but it took everything within me not to pick that precious girl up and comfort her! Instead, I waited until she calmed down, then her dad cuddled and comforted her and then *finally* I took that pitiful mess of a girl into my arms. What a sweet little mess she is!

A Day At The Beach

We met our friends Lynne, Ben, and baby Houston at the beach since they were down for a few days celebrating their Anniversary. We loved seeing them and Lynne's adorable prego belly!
Ivory becomes acquainted with Ben:

The next "Miss Hawaiian Tropic."

These sunglasses are the best! They shield Ivory's eyes perfectly as well as stay on! They also prevent her from rubbing sand into her eyes as she gets tired. Highly recommend them (they can be found at Target in the sunglasses section).

Ivory, Lynne, and baby Houston.

Ivory waves now. She has "officially" waved since Wednesday, April 8th--the day she delighted the church with her constant waving and gleeful smiles. What a heart stealer!

More Videos...

Little Sailor Girl

Fun in my highchair with Mom.

Playing catch with Mom & Dad!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action

Milk face!

My Cardboard House

I can eat little pieces of food all by myself like a big girl!

So Ivory adores Angel, our cat. Every time she catches a glimpse of her she says, "Ca, ca, ca" over and over. Today Jason was sitting on the couch with her and she leaned over the couch and peeked through the open door and called for her! So, here's Ivory with "ca, ca." Yes, I think this will be/is Ivory's first word. So much for mam/dada! I would have never thought that when I received Angel as a kitten for my birthday at age 8/9 that one day she would be my child's favorite pet!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Everyday Happenings

Ready to conquer Wal Mart!
Who can resist this cuteness?!

Our visitor, Seana.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

We went to the Bennett parents for Easter weekend and had a great visit. Ivory had some cousin time.

Unca Jason is a big hit with the girls, especially when he takes them outside.

Anna modeling my latest sewing project.

Cutie pie Ella

The neighbors brought baby chickens over for the girls to see. They were fascinated!
This little black chick was so friendly and patient with all the little grabbing hands!

Ivory's first Easter egg hunt. She was perfectly satisfied with her two eggs. Well, actually the fake grass was even more entertaining.

Thanks to Aunt Mel for the super cute dress!