Friday, September 30, 2011

Play Date Painting

Preparing for our playdate.  Love how focused Micah was...until he saw the ball.

We had a fun visit with Addie and her mom.  Painting was the biggest hit that followed snack time.  Ivory, in true artistic style, enjoyed painting wet wipes and her fingernails the most.  Addie painted the traditional way--and quite well I might add.  Micah enjoyed painting a little spot. screwing the cap on, taking the cap off, repeat.  Again, and again, and again.  This child's patience constantly amazes me.
Ivory's self-manicure later led to a "real" manicure complete with blue nail polish.  Mommy was stingy today--only one color.

Daddy went for a brief out of town conference and even though the trip was short, we missed him and are so glad that he's home!  Thanks Addie for helping us pass the time while daddy was away.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kid Qwips

August 2011

Mom: “Ivory, you’re cuter than a bugs ear.”
Ivory: “No! I’m a gooser girl.”
Mom: “What’s a gooser girl?”
Ivory: “Well, it’s better than a bug!”

Ivory: “Oh, the moon! It’s whole! We need to get Cassie’s car and fly up there!”
Mom: “Why is Cassie’s car the only car that can fly?”
Ivory: “Cassie’s car can fly.”
Mom: “Is it because it’s red like the Little Einstein Rocket?”
Ivory: “Yes!”

Ivory in her Cinderella dress up dress walks up to daddy, “Want to dance with me, Prince Charming?” When they begin dancing fast Ivory says, “Sloooow.” Precious. Micah starts following them and dancing, too.

Ivory handing Daddy a pink bracelet, “Here, you can wear this, it’s a boy bracelet.”

Ivory playing with her Cinderella doll on the floor with Daddy, “She’s not real so I can just put her dress up. She has blue panties! See?”

September 2011

Mommy telling Micah we're going to see Cassie and he starts pointing to himself and smiling excitedly.  Mommy, "No, you're Micah, we're going to see Cassie."  He repeats his action.  I tell Cassie and she explains that she always points to herself and says, "Ca-ss-ie" trying to teach him to say her name.  So, Micah has given her a sign language nickname, he points to himself smiling excitedly whenever I tell him we're going to see Cassie.

Trying to explain to Ivory about Mr. David going to heaven and how one day Mommy & Daddy will go to heaven because Jesus lives in our hearts and maybe one day she will, too.  Ivory, “How about you (pointing to mom) and daddy go to heaven and Micah and I will go to Bobo’s house.”  Still working on the concept of heaven…

Ivory commenting on Micah’s crabby behavior, “He’s just being crampy. He needs to go to bed.”

Ivory eating monkey gummies in the car, “Ohp! I need to eat this monkey he’s squiggling I need to eat him quick!” She did this for every.single.monkey. in her gummy pack. Glad the packs are small…

Micah now calls Daddy "Mama" and Mommy is "baby."  He used to call us by our appropriate names...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toddler Shoes

Best picture I could get of my little runner wearing his new shoes, will try to get some better pics later with shoes off. 

I used this pattern which I finally purchased after admiring it for months (I'm a sucker for free and cheap when it comes to purchasing patterns).  I'm glad I purchased this one.  I used an old pleather coat of Jason's to make these shoes.

Micah loves them and finds them to be rathe rcomfy.  I have two more pairs cut out and hope to finish them before Korban makes his appearance.

Monday, September 26, 2011


3 weeks from today.

Which means probably plus some.  Not anxious yet, but growing more uncomfortable + excited daily.

Baby Korban is so far quite calm + sweet.

Living Radically

"So the challenge for us is to live in such a way that we are radically dependent on and desperate for the power that only God can provide."  --David Platt, Radical

I see God moving our family and church into this position.  It's extremely exciting.  While the world would panic, and I'm definitely tempted to, instead I can only rejoice.  I look forward with incredible excitement and anticipation to what God is going to do in my family and our whole church family.

"While the goal of the American dream is to make much of us, the goal of the gospel is to make much of God."  --David Platt, Radical

Honestly, such a relief.  Me is not that exciting and oh so flawed.  God, He's perfect, holy, amazing and such an adventure!

Okay, so on a lighthearted note, the picture of the house on the front of this book is upside down.  So, Ivory would pick up the book and "read" it upside down.  When I told her the book was upside down she pointed out the picture and looked at me in confusion.  Love kids.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Beach Visit

While our pastor & his fam were on vacation they sweetly invited us to come visit them for some pool + beach time.  The weather was gorgeous and PERFECT outdoor beachy weather.  I enjoyed relaxing SO much.  Totally worth the drive.  My feet were actually not hugely swollen by mid-day and my back not aching because of all the delicious, relaxing water time.  

Micah loves his Bobo + MikeMike.
Ivory with her Cassie.  Love this picture of these two sweet, beautiful girls!  Cassie has the most beautiful, joyous all-natural glow.  She's truly one of the most joyful girls I know.

Micah enjoyed his pool deck time more then actual pool time.

Three amazing guys.

Three pretty awesome girls.

One of the jacuzzis was cool and perfect for relaxing and for the kids to play in--especially when the jets came on!

Micah very uncertain about being in the water.

Cheering up with a game of ball.

I sure love my boys!  So far the boys in this family have the sweet, mild personality, so I'm hopeful with Korban.

I'm grateful for such a wonderful day in the sun with our family.

Since our pastor is on vaca Jason filled in for him this morning.  I always miss our pastor when he's away, but I also love another opportunity to hear my sweetie expound on the Word.  He did an amazing job this morning preaching on Genesis 11+12.

I've never heard someone preach the contrast of the city of Babel built by man and it's destruction and the nation of Israel (through Abraham) built by God and it's ultimate blessing of Christ.  Really amazing. 

Fear drove the people of Babel to build a city for themselves and their own name.  Faith drove Abraham to birth a nation for God and His name.  Really challenging me to look at what drives me, faith or fear?  I want my faith in Christ to drive me for His glory, not fear that destroys.

Anyways, check out the two passages when you get a chance--pretty awesome.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Jungle

My husband is an adventurer.  Read Wild At Heart by John Eldredge?  That pretty much pegs my man.  To cultivate this in our children he has been working on very small backyard "jungle" as Ivory calls it.  He has spent hours clearing it of poison ivy, snake homes, etc. so our kids can safely enjoy some outdoor exploration and fun.  He has grand plans of campfires, rope swings, and tree houses.  I know whatever he does the kids will love it.  Ivory already loves visiting the jungle.

Jason burned leaves for 3 days and emptied 2 truckloads.  This isn't counting the loads of brush, trees, etc. picked up by the city.

Brings back a lot of great memories of when I was a kid.  We spent hours and hours in the woods as kids.  I distinctly remember stepping over snakes and looking for ticks each night in the tub.  My mom was a brave woman.  And I'm so glad she was--such fun times.

So, here's to being a "somewhat" brave Mom myself--and thanks to my sweetie for clearing such a fun spot for our kids (it has also really helped cut down on the excessvie mosquito population)!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Conviction + Simple Moments

Some days, like most moms (I think), I wish I could escape.  Some of those days last for weeks...of course, when I actually can escape I often don't, or all I can think about is my kids.  I'm sure most Moms reading this can relate.  Some days with the kids are especially difficult.  Some weeks are.  Lately life with my precious, dramatic, teenage-like 3-year-old has been especialy challenging.  Constant meltdowns, tantrums, screaming fits, whining, complaining, and dramatic displays has made for some long days--and time-outs (more for Mom's sanity than her correction.  yes, Mom, I finally understand why you "forgot" me in time-outs...).  When the days are hard I remember how glad I am that these days are coming now.  What a perfect opportunity to fine tune their character while they're so young, moldable, and loving.  This is our chance to show them how God's law is our tutor, leading us to Christ.

"Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith."

--Galatians 3:24 (NAS)

"Let me put it another way. The law was our guardian until Christ came; it protected us until we could be made right with God through faith.

--Galatians 3:24 (NLT)

Until the time when we were mature enough to respond freely in faith to the living God, we were carefully surrounded and protected by the Mosaic law. The law was like those Greek tutors, with which you are familiar, who escort children to school and protect them from danger or distraction, making sure the children will really get to the place they set out for."

--Galatians 3:23-24 (The Message)

What an honor to be entrusted to teach the law to my children which will be their tutor and guardian as they come to Christ.  I'm continually convicted I float through my days too often self-absorbed with my To Do List rather then waking each day with my calling as a missionary to my children, of pointing them to Christ as we go throughout our day.  I allow my hobbies and work load to dictate my day far too often.  I'm working on goals and putting plans into practice to change this perspective, but mostly I need a heart change focused on Christ so I can lead my children to focus their attention on Christ.  May my teaching never be empty words but lived out in my life.  I want my children to do as I say AND do.

This means when I stop to pray with Ivory about her attitude, patience level, and the fruit of the Spirit I also confess my own shortcomings and pray for the Holy Spirit power to demonstrate these qualities of Christ. 
This means looking in the mirror when I complain about her complaining.

These past few weeks, Ivory's age, Micah's attention span, and the soon arrival of our little Korban has me thinking a lot about our routines and lifestyle in our home.

Starting Radical by David Platt has me thinking a lot about the church, our ministry, and my personal walk with Christ. 

So much to chew on and digest.

This leads me to show the lighter, more joyful, simple moments in our household.

Not a great quality photo, but definitely a great quality smile.

The kids learning to be content during blanket time + carpet time.  They're making major headway!  20 minutes yesterday with minimal crying and 30 minutes today with only one straying off the blanket and minor cry fit.  Good news for nursing (my most difficult moments with Ivory were always when I was nursing Micah--she hated that he got my full attention and I couldn't do for her).  This will constitute as a perfect activity during at least one feeding.

Yesterday while the kids were on blanket time I did some quick chores and "buried treasure" for them to discover.  They mostly cared about the buried snacks.  Definitely my kids.

Then, we headed outdoors for a nature walk to collect items for our autmun wreathes.  We delivered one to a precious older couple at our church where we had a sweet visit and Ivory came home with some impatients to plant in our blue pot on the porch and they both came home with chocolate.  We're still trying to catch another sweet couple at home to deliver the red wreath.  I love taking the kids to visit these couples and they love it, too.

While the idea of this activity was great, it was only successful with one child.  And probably not the one you expect.  Round one (orange wreath) was made by Micah & Mommy while Ivory sat in time out watching because of excessive disobedience, screaming, crying, etc.  I tried to engage Ivory in round two (red wreath), but that didn't go well, either.  So, Mom made that wreath while Ivory again sat in time out watching.  I can still hear my mom's words ringing in my ears, "We stopped school for a few months until you could learn to let me be the teacher."  Maybe if we start now at 3 she'll at least be ready to listen by 5?  Reading and writing is awesome, but for now we'll focus mostly on obeying.

I write that not as complaint but more hope for those moms out there who have also thougth of an activity you thought for sure your kid(s) would love and instead it seemed to be a complete fail.  I didn't want the finished product to be deceptive. =)

I will say, the actual visits when we deliver our craft projects or cards have always been a huge success with those we visit and the kids.  They *love* the spoiling and the older couples keep their artwork up for months.  In fact, one sweet lady, Mrs. Geraldine, still has Ivory's simple stick cross (from Easter) displayed right in the front of their home for visitors to see.  So sweet. 

So, I highly encourage you moms out there to find people in your church or community who could use a visit to cheer them up, make a simple craft/food/card, load your kids (young and old) up and go visit them!

Friday, September 16, 2011


So, I realized the other day I never took a picture of Micah with the midwife who delivered him. Just like I realized the same thing with Ivory when I was about to have Micah. Thankfully, I snagged a picture with Ivory's midwife before having Micah, and was able to do the same thing again this time. Micah was not okay with Tammy holding him, so we took the picture self-portrait style since the only other person in the room to take the picture was Ivory.

Tammy did a great job delivering Micah and it will prayerfully go just as great with Korban!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breakfast + Play Date

I allowed Micah to feed himself his yogurt today...when I walked in to see this face I just had to photograph it.

Well, then sister had to get some attention...

This happened before Ivory's meltdown #2057...or something like that. Thankfully, a play date with Addie calmed our morning tremendously.

The kids liked seeing themselves in the camera.

And they also thoroughly enjoyed the cinnamon rolls Melissa made.

We've had a good day minus the tantrums and I'm thoroughly looking forward to dinner out with a friend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's On Your Phone?

Ivory has been doing SO MUCH BETTER eating at meals lately. Here's to hoping it lasts...and rubs off on her brothers! Monday morning I went walking with my friend, Melissa.  When I arrived at home I saw I had a missed call.  Strange for this early in the morning especially from someone who doesn't normally call.  I nervously returned the call afraid I'd hear her husband was in the hospital as his health has been somewhat up and down.  I wasn't at all prepared to hear that she was actually calling trying to get up with Brother Mike as her brother-in-law had passed away.  I could hardly finish our conversation.  I was so surprised and heartbroken to hear that this sweet man of God, David Freeman, had passed away that morning. 

Brother David has been one of our biggest supporters, encouragers, and examples during our time at this church.  I immediately thought of his sweet wife, family, and our pastor.  Brother Mike has already preached a really difficult funeral the week before and attended another especilaly difficult funeral the day before.  Brother David was a dear friend to our pastor and has stood by him through some extremely difficult times.  He was a faithful servant deacon and strong leader in our community.  We miss him so much already.  But, as difficult as it is to say goodbye and as much as we miss him, it was a joy to be able to know he's no longer in pain and that he's rejoicing with Christ in heaven.

In church when Christina announced we were having our third child Brother David stood and applauded.  I tear up every time I think about it.  He was known to share often on testimony nights about how he was living miraculously.  Every time he visited the doctor they were amazed he was still alive as he shouldn't be walking and talking with the condition of his heart.  Really, every extra day we had with him was like bonus time.  Brother David & Mrs. Geraldine are always giving thoughtful gifts and sharing encouraging words.  Brother David often told me how much he loves that we have our children in church with us, crying, screaming and all. =) 

Ivory loved visiting the Freemans so it was hard to explain to her what happened to Brother David.  She didn't really understand, though, and was just excited to hear that he's happy with Jesus in heaven.  She did make a card for "that lady who's sad" (his wife, Mrs. Geraldine) and has been asking to take it to her ever since.  We will probably visit this week now that things have calmed down for her a little bit.

During Brother David's funeral I had the privilige of serving the family by watching his beautiful great-grandkids, Sophie & Olivia.  Beautiful, sweet little girls!  The kids had a great time playing together and it was good to finally meet the little girls theire great-grandparents were constantly talking about.
We played with play dough and colored in Ivory's classroom for a little while.  Ivory told me a few times, "Mom, you're a good teacher!"  I am quite the expert play dough flattener and ball former.  It was apparently quite exciting to move from table to table during snack time in the nursery.

It's been a hard few weeks with the funerals and other sad, discouraging news of families hurting in our church and community. But, through it all God is more then faithful.

Thursday Jason took some teenagers to the beach after school.  I decided to pack up the kids and meet him there for a quick trip.  It has been GORGEOUS weather this week and this day was no exception.  Micah played happily next to me in the sand and Ivory was fully entertained by Joni & Kaitlyn.  I just sat on the sand playing with Micah, soaking up the sand, and enjoying some rest time.  Heavenly.  The teens went for ice cream afterwards so we decided to tag along for that, too.  Micah & Ivory enjoyed their first ice cream cones.  They've tasted ice cream before, but haven't enjoyed the thrill of a cone.

Ivory enjoyed hers, but I think it about tied with the french fries Joni shared with her.  Micah chomped down like there was no tomorrow.

Gotta love sweet, messy, sticky kids! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Sneak Peek

Woke up this morning and the weather = GORGEOUS.

Micah *loved* bouncing by himself (under the watchful eye of Daddy) like a big boy.

Love this look of awe & excitement as Micah looks at his daddy.

Ivory wasn't keen on spinning.

Micah loved it.

As well as climbing up the tunnel to Daddy.

While Micah wasn't interested in stopping long enough to pose for pictures

Ivory was more than happy to pose.


The kids were super excited to see ducks. Micah practiced his quacking and Ivory enjoyed chasing. We also had fun visiting the goats were Micah found it to be extremely exciting to feed the goats leaves. Ivory enjoyed that for a short time then loved throwing pine needles & sticks off the bridge into the pond.

I could hardly believe it, we were outside at 11AM and we didn't break a sweat. Beyond that, the weather stayed nice ALL DAY. And it's only the beginning of September. Sure, it will probably be hot & humid tomorrow, but we sure enjoyed the weather today.

Daddy Admiration

Love how the kids are at the age that every home improvement project is fascinating.

Peephole installed = check. Thanks, Dad!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Love that my kids are growing closer and closer. I love hearing them laugh together and watch them wrestle like puppies. Micah adores big sister and follows her around imitating what she does. They love making each other laugh and having laughing/screaming matches. The other day at the table when Micah wouldn't stop crying Ivory kept saying, "It's OKAY, Micah, it's okay!" When that didn't work she looked at him and sweetly said, "I love you, Micah" repetitively. So sweet.

Before bedtime movie relaxing:

Micah feels SO proud and like such a big kid when he gets to sit in a big chair. All smiles:

Ivory posing for a picture:

This morning as we walked home from Bobo's house I was holding Micah's hand and Ivory wanted to hold his other hand. She dropped something and reached down to get it while Micah stuck his hand out patiently waiting for her to grab it again. Ivory bent down and said, "You're so cute, Micah!" Love those moments. I pray they'll always be good friends and they'll joyfully welcome Korban into the mix.