Friday, September 23, 2011

The Jungle

My husband is an adventurer.  Read Wild At Heart by John Eldredge?  That pretty much pegs my man.  To cultivate this in our children he has been working on very small backyard "jungle" as Ivory calls it.  He has spent hours clearing it of poison ivy, snake homes, etc. so our kids can safely enjoy some outdoor exploration and fun.  He has grand plans of campfires, rope swings, and tree houses.  I know whatever he does the kids will love it.  Ivory already loves visiting the jungle.

Jason burned leaves for 3 days and emptied 2 truckloads.  This isn't counting the loads of brush, trees, etc. picked up by the city.

Brings back a lot of great memories of when I was a kid.  We spent hours and hours in the woods as kids.  I distinctly remember stepping over snakes and looking for ticks each night in the tub.  My mom was a brave woman.  And I'm so glad she was--such fun times.

So, here's to being a "somewhat" brave Mom myself--and thanks to my sweetie for clearing such a fun spot for our kids (it has also really helped cut down on the excessvie mosquito population)!

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