Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kid Qwips

August 2011

Mom: “Ivory, you’re cuter than a bugs ear.”
Ivory: “No! I’m a gooser girl.”
Mom: “What’s a gooser girl?”
Ivory: “Well, it’s better than a bug!”

Ivory: “Oh, the moon! It’s whole! We need to get Cassie’s car and fly up there!”
Mom: “Why is Cassie’s car the only car that can fly?”
Ivory: “Cassie’s car can fly.”
Mom: “Is it because it’s red like the Little Einstein Rocket?”
Ivory: “Yes!”

Ivory in her Cinderella dress up dress walks up to daddy, “Want to dance with me, Prince Charming?” When they begin dancing fast Ivory says, “Sloooow.” Precious. Micah starts following them and dancing, too.

Ivory handing Daddy a pink bracelet, “Here, you can wear this, it’s a boy bracelet.”

Ivory playing with her Cinderella doll on the floor with Daddy, “She’s not real so I can just put her dress up. She has blue panties! See?”

September 2011

Mommy telling Micah we're going to see Cassie and he starts pointing to himself and smiling excitedly.  Mommy, "No, you're Micah, we're going to see Cassie."  He repeats his action.  I tell Cassie and she explains that she always points to herself and says, "Ca-ss-ie" trying to teach him to say her name.  So, Micah has given her a sign language nickname, he points to himself smiling excitedly whenever I tell him we're going to see Cassie.

Trying to explain to Ivory about Mr. David going to heaven and how one day Mommy & Daddy will go to heaven because Jesus lives in our hearts and maybe one day she will, too.  Ivory, “How about you (pointing to mom) and daddy go to heaven and Micah and I will go to Bobo’s house.”  Still working on the concept of heaven…

Ivory commenting on Micah’s crabby behavior, “He’s just being crampy. He needs to go to bed.”

Ivory eating monkey gummies in the car, “Ohp! I need to eat this monkey he’s squiggling I need to eat him quick!” She did this for every.single.monkey. in her gummy pack. Glad the packs are small…

Micah now calls Daddy "Mama" and Mommy is "baby."  He used to call us by our appropriate names...

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