Thursday, August 27, 2009

Model Material

The photo quality is lacking--the personality, definitely not.
Entertaining ourselves while Grandpa shopped for tools at Sears.

Interesting Discovery

If you have yahoo e-mail, have you ever clicked the subject line when you composed an e-mail? You might discover something interesting...

Monday, August 24, 2009

What Entertains

This is what keeps us all entertained these days:

Mom, Dad & I found these drums & a maracca Saturday. Dad & I had a sweet jam session while Mom cooked dinner. I'd have to say my favorite thing to do with them is turn them over and drop my ball into them. For some reason my hand always gets stuck when I'm trying to pull it out. Mom's great at helpin' me out, though.

Opening and closing doors is very fascinating, especially when I close Mom & Dad into a room! Hee! hee!

I love feeling and hugging this soft dress of Mom's, but wearing it was definitely not my idea. What was Mom thinking? I know blue's a great color on me, but this is so not my style, Mom. What do you think I am, Twenty-three?!

This trick always insures a laugh. You should definitely try it some time. And just because its so funny, and of course because I'm so terribly cute, I'll let you see it one more time.

Call me anytime for entertainment tips: 1.800.ivoryrocks.

Friday, August 21, 2009

12 Month Check-Up

Ivory now weighs 20lbs. 9oz. & is 29 inches long. My baby is such a big girl! Actually, she's in the 50th percentile--so very average.

Bedtime Story

Ivory really enjoys books now. She'll sit for as many as 3-4 (short books) at a time. She's a little squirmy in this video, but she's still very interested, and she's listening to the 3rd book. Yay for books!

Giggles At Noon

I came out of the back room to discover this:

Dad & Ivory apparently find each other to be rather hilarious.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Night Out - Baby

~ The Adventure ~
Chilis has great salads, but awful blackberry & mango tea. The white chocolate molten cake completely made up for that small disappointment.
Nothing says romance like twinkly stars & an amazing lightning show on a small beach surrounded by sea oats.
Then we discovered this park:
with unique palm(s) +

+ majestic, historical oak tree +

+ lonely boardwalk +

+ happy couple +

+ secret beach +

+ gnarly trees +

+ dark path of mystery +

+ hot husband +

+ with big muscles +

+ striking resemblance to Tarzan
= great night out.
Let's do it again sometimes, sweetheart.
I can't get enough of this man!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Why post 1 picture when you can post 14?!

I love my puppy from Auntie Sherri.

Mom says with my skills I'm better then a vacuum cleaner.

Mom says this is one of her favorite faces I make. She also says I'm very ex-pr-ess-ive.

Mom & Cassie had such fun playing dress up with me. They say I'm better then any life size doll. Thanks for my pink tutu, Auntie Sherri!

Tippy-toe walking is my favorite.

I think I might be more into hip-hop, Mom.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday Fest

Gotta love "The Place."

Their were bands, booths, food, dogs, & tons of people downtown Friday. Minus the beer & cigarette smoke, it was rather fun.

Ivory made a new friend.

Okay, now I'm over him, dad.

Ivory loved dancin' to the music.

She kept the crowds rather entertained.

Messy Eating

Is it possible to have too many messy eating pictures?

Beach Fun

Huge hole we found pre-dug. Nice.
This picture is posted in defiance of Cassie's claim "you never post good pics of me."


And this is to prove that yes, I do enjoy posting awful pictures of Cassie, as well.

Surfer girl.

Oh, how I love him.
Sometimes Cassie thinks she's a dog...
After our beach trip we visited an outdoor shopping mall, ate some Five Guys, and attended a free, outdoor concert with terrible music--let's just celebrate trips to jail, one night stands, DUIs and other follies through song with children all around to hear our idiocracies and the fact that we didn't learn a thing and would gladly "do it all again." Seriously, seriously?! People aren't growing up any more, they're just getting older. Whatever happened to wisdom in old age? But, besides the ridiculous music & excessive smoke we did enjoy watching families spending time together, children running around, and Ivory loved the dogs!