Thursday, May 28, 2009

Canada Pictures

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have not been intentionally neglectful, our internet has been suffering since a severe thunderstorm upon our return home.

Here are more pictures my sister took for a family photo shoot:

More pictures to come soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Cousin

Ivory finally met Carter! She greeted him with clapping and gleeful squeals. She also proceeded to "pet" him with a little-too-hard tap to the head which resulted in a groan from poor baby Carter. Ivory didn't know what to think. She thought she was doing good tapping not grabbing, after all, isn't that what you do with Angel, the cat?! Later, she helped Daddy & Ben take care of Carter while the moms went for a quick shopping trip to revisit sister time. The dads reported that she helped pat Carter's back when he was gassy and enjoyed cuddle time with Uncle Ben. She also enjoys tackle football with the guys while Carter naps and snuggles with the girls. Ivory loves Canadian rocks and enjoys banging them on the deck. She also enjoys testing Carter's new toys & baby equpiment. Her stamp of approval has been given on most items.

The weather has been chilly, but enjoyable and a relief from our hot already summer Florida weather. We have exciting plans to visit a Farmer's Market, Mennonite Museum, Niagra Falls, Ben's family's, and other fun plans. We also enjoyed visiting their church on Sunday. Most of all, we're just enjoying family time and wishing we could do this more often.

And now what I know you all want even more then my babbling:: pictures! Check out my sister, Debi's site:

Friday, May 15, 2009

O Canada!

So excited to be in Canada with my sister, her husband, and my adorable nephew, Carter!!!
We had no complications with our flights and Ivory behaved wonderfully. A little fussy on the 2nd flight as she fought taking a nap, but she did take a nap on both flights! The air pressure didn't seem to bother her a bit and she made many friends as she waved, smiled, and cooed at all around her. She napped or played happily on the drive into Canada. She is such a little happy, sweet baby girl.
Carter's in the hospital until tomorrow afternoon, so that's when Ivory will actually get to meet her new cousin and we'll get some good cuddle time. So excited to see them together and get lots of pictures! So, stay tuned for great pictures!
Carter favors his Uncle Jason. I have been with him for about 2 hours total and have barely seen his eyes and had him look at me for a brief second. Uncle Jason spent 5 minutes with him and enjoyed focused eye contact, a big smile, and cute faces.
My sister, Debi, with her Mother's Day gift from Carter, a digital picture frame with pictures of Carter for her to look at while in the hosopital (10 day stay). And don't worry, there's no head trauma, he just had a bandage on to keep him from pulling out his IV that's giving him antibiotics for his bladder infection.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dime + Quarter = Giggles

One of the teenagers, Aliya, entertains Ivory while Mom cooks dinner & prepares for our trip to Canada.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

"I've been good, but I'm through now!"

My Mother's Day Gift

This is what greeted me as I awoke this on my first Mother's Day with Ivory outside my womb:

This was the artist's backdrop.

And here's a sneak peek of the great artist at work. We can't share too many photographs or we risk revealing the secrets of her great skill.

In a private interview she reveals that wearing too much clothing inhibits her creativity.
Experimenting with texture and color.

A huge thank you to the wonderful man I call husband, friend, and lover--Jason. His "assistance" was valuable to the great painter. I love my two sweeties!

And did I mention Ivory and her assistant painted this morning while allowing Mommy to sleep in? And when I awoke the floor was mopped, the child clean and dressed, and no trace of mess was to be found? I married a brave and wonderful man. Oh, and I failed to mention that this was after Ivory decided to sleep from 7:30pm until 5:30am with no feedings or need for Mom!!! And this is the 2nd time. My baby is finally learning to sleep!!! Hallelujah!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everyday Happenings

Helping Mom fold laundry, clean house, and rearrange my room. It's tough work being a kid sometimes, you know.
I pull or push myself up on just about everything now. I'm good like that.

Daddy feeding me after an exciting Sunday afternoon of playing with babies & kids!

I'm worn out...but not too worn out to grab the camera from mom and mess up her picture!

Mom says I have Daddy's eyes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lee Ann's Projects

Gift for a friend.

Dress for Ivory.

Apron...maybe it will inspire me to cook.

It looks better on.

Completely doesn't work without the belt.

Town dress I can't decide if I like. It's the fabric. And the straps. The fabric was free. The straps I can change.

It has potential.

Again, free fabric. I love it.

Wearing it to church this morning.

Jason's Projects

Jason has been busying himself around the house with all sorts of wonderful projects! He has renewed his interest in gardening and has been growing us all sorts of yummy veggies. Here are two pics of his romaine lettuce, which I must say is quite delicious. There is nothing like homegrown veggies!

One of our teenagers, Austin, *made* this swing for us! Jason stained it and, I must add, did an incredible job, as did Austin when he made it. We've been wanting a swing for so long and are grateful to Austin for making it, and our neighbor for giving us the chains! We're so blessed with generous friends/neighbors.
Besides Jason's landscaping projects he has also been working to ready the house for a fresh coat of much needed paint. Jason & his dad boarded in our small side porch so we can store things safely with no fear of the elements. He has also begun waking up with the baby in the mornings and letting me sleep an extra little while!!! This is probably my favorite thing he's doing...This means I'm actually no longer in desperate need of afternoon naps!
Ivory enjoys clapping and waving--when she wants to. We took her to some baseball/t-ball games Friday evening and she thoroughly enjoyed herself in her pink camo and blue jeans. She even clapped & "cheered" for Halley's t-ball game.
It seems like every day she has more personality and every day she steals a little more of my heart (as if she doesn't already have it all!).
She is growing more skilled at climbing. She climbed into the laundry basket (half-full of clothes...only half-full becasue she emptied the other half of folded laundry), reached for the end table and proceeded to climb up onto the red chair, which she only halfway succeeded at. She managed to climb back out without falling (a feat to be sure). She also enjoys climbing on her bouncer and kneeling on it, before she tumbles out of it. She enjoys clearing bottom bookshelves and does a rather good job of entertaining herself.
I know some moms dread these phases and I heard plenty of warnings and groans about the future, but so far I have absolutely LOVED every phase. Sure there are times when I hate waking in the middle of the night and I cry with the child, but who could trade those snuggles and that sweet feeling as your child falls asleep next to you or in your arms? And tell me, how can I trade my personal comfort for that look of complete glee as she discovers something new, like moss, or a leaf. I mean really, when do we smile at a beetle?! It is beyond rewarding to watch someone set out each morning excited to discover the world. At times I am so exhausted, my head is pounding, and I crave adult time, but I am so truly and completely blessed to be the mother of this child. And the wife to my incredible husband. Thank you Lord for my family.