Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photo Dump

This post will basically be pictures and one-liners. I have plenty of catching up to do! Sweet smiley boy of mine. Found a toothbrush--so proud of himself. Box fun! Starbucks date with my sweeties. BCF Preview Day with our "son", John. Love this teen.
Lunch date with our sweet Lyndsey!
Strange to visit my old college campus. So, so much has changed. The day wore little man out.
While we were revisiting old stomping grounds Ivory and Micah were playing with their beloved Bella. Crazy girls.

How did this happen exactly? I don't know... Silly boy. Bonfire to celebrate one of our teenager's birthday! So excited that our candidate won!!! Mmmmmm locally grown, fresh picked satsumas. So so excited to see Daddy after a week away at Grandma + Pa's. Love this idea! Orange fort! Orange stomping is apparently a very fun activity. Florida sun flare!

We love Mrs. Thelma!

And Korban learned that he loves citrus.

Mr. Travis was so sweet to share his satsumas with us. Shhhh...don't tell big sister. Play place! Chik-fil-a stop with Grandaddy. Marina with Grandaddy + Nana. Big boats Sweet boy. My handsome man. Curious little girly of mine. This candle smells like Christmas. Love my Micah Man.

My studly man went and broke his thumb in three places. I'm thoughtful enough to first think upon seeing this picture, "Ah, we have family pictures next week!" And my husband is thoughtful enough to color coordinate his cast with our family picture without me asking.
Silly faces! Micah nursing his baby through his belly button. Thank you for our surpise package, Lynne + Timothy!
Bath babies! Love little girls.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Korban Turns One

Just realizing this post never went live.  So, over a month later I'm now reporting on sweet Korban's first birthday.

We had a simple celebration at the park with this sweet boy and some new friends.

Simple decor to make it feel more like a party for the older kids. Lots of playing--including a few rounds of freeze tag adults + kids. The birthday boy was standing very well by his first birthday and taking steps here and there.  Now, at 13 months he grows sturdier every day and has abandoned crawling all together in favor of his sea legs. We took a walk on the boardwalk to explore the sea life.

These kids are so very sweet.

Love the Florida marsh land.
Micah man.
I spy a ... snake.

I spy a ... crab!

Between the two families there were nine kids under the age of nine.  And you know, it wasn't complete chaos.  We had a blast!

Ivory + Korban Korban loves pointing and saying, "Wat dat?"

Their son retrieved a tackle box from the mud. This mud was thick!

Sweet babies only weeks apart in age. If you look past my gourmet spread you can see this precious moment between babies. We got home to presents delivered to our doorstep!  My kids are spoiled with grandparents who buy all three of them presents.  Lego fun!  We are all about the legos these days.
Korban's BIG present.

Ivory videoing Korban opening his gift.
And it's a nifty push wagon to hold all sorts of fun treasures!  Korban *loves* it.

We received some other fun gifts, too.  Such a sweet boy!  We love our joyful, smiley, chatty, little Kor Kor.