Thursday, November 1, 2012


We are attempting to keep a stricter schedule.  Something that's been needing to happen for some time but I've simply been too undisciplined to enforce.  Now that we've survived the first week I alreayd see how much the kids are thriving on the new regiment.  One aspect is a regular structured learning time with Ivory.  She *LOVES* "school time."  She would do it three times a day every day if we could.  She loves to learn and catches on so quickly that I feel thoroughly spoiled.  I think what she likes most is Mom's undivided attention.  I'm not worried so much about the learning that takes place as I am her learning that Mommy is the teacher.  I want her to learn to listen and for us to enjoy some focused time together.  I want this love for learnign to last and to grow organically.  But, I don't want to be guilty of not feeding it when the appetite is there!  We keep it super simple with a little workbook fun, story writing, coloring, and reading time.

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