Friday, November 2, 2012


MikeMike + family were vacationing on the beach and Nina + Michael joined them!  (this is an old post...I'm just finally finishing it)  We were honored to be invited to visit a few days on the family vacation.  We all consider each other family.

The kids were SO excited to see Nina + Michael and asked the *entire* drive to the beach "Are we almost there?  See Nina?  See Michael?  See Bobo?  See Cassie?  See MikeMike?  Almost there?" 

Michael was asleep when we arrived, much to Micah's disappointment.  But when he did wake up Micah was sure to make up for it with excessive friendliness. Michael was a little overwhelmed but handled all the attention and love like a champ. And decided that Micah's cars were pretty fun. 
When everyone was lathered up + dressed in swimwear we headed to the pool!  Such a beautiful tree lined part of our walk.
I sported my sun hat for the first time.  I wasn't sure about how large + dramatic it is, but I have to confess I love it.  Great sun protection and I keeps me feeling much cooler.
Michael enjoyed some lunch poolside before getting wet.  "You know you're a mom hold a spoon in your mouth, a half naked baby, all with a huge smile."  Christina is an amazing mom.
The chevron tote had its first sunlit debut.  It was a smashing success.

I love this man of mine.  I'm so glad he puts up with me.
This resort is UH-mazing.  There are four different pool options and mulitple beach accesses as well as housing options.  One of the pools is located next to a park, small grassy field, and has a wading pool!  The wading pool was a hit. 

We love our boys!
I love how curious yet removed Michael is watching my two interact.

Ivory was completely *entrhalled* by the bride she saw waiting on the balcony for nearly an hour hoping to catch another glimpse of her for just a moment.  She is fascinated with brides and weddings.

We enjoyed some gorgeous beach time. But our favorite party was seeing our beloved Nina + Michael.  Mississippi is closer then Texas--but still too far away!
I'll take one of these houses please and thank you.

The water fun was a little short lived when stingrays completely surrounded our crew.  Very nervous mother.
"Look Mom and airplane!" My little beach ballerina. Rinsed off in the pool until the lightning began...and the shivering got to be too much.

Cleaning up brought this incredibly happy and adorable picture.

We loved our Saturday beach trip so much that Jason rearranged his schedule and we snuck away for another day of sun + water.  This time we were excited to have Meme + Papa join us. More wading pool! Loved seeing our boys playing together. Michael--love his blue eyes.
Quite possibly one of my faorite pictures of the two of us.  Love him.
Cassie = kid magnet...maybe it helps that she also has the food...No, kids really do just love this girl. Another beautiful beach day.

The chevron tote enjoyed digging into the sand.

Love my little man and his incredibly cuddly cheeks.  Each child is more snuggly then the last--love it. Can't stop smooching this sweetness!

Beautiful, sweet Nina.  So very excited that she is currently carrying baby Z number two.  My prediction--girl.  And for the record, I was right on with my due date prediction.  Lucky guess?  Maybe...I'm going with good intuition...
This resort also has a beautiful lakeside view. We went to Meme + Papa's for a fish fry that we were all so excited about.  Until Micah threw up.  All over me.   I'll spare you a more descriptive explanation.  Just know that two showers later (Micah + Mommy) and lots of borrowed clothes + clean-up...we were finally beginning to feel human again.  Until he lost it again.  Ugh.  I hate stomach bugs.  Especially ones that then get passed through our entire family.  And on to other families.  We felt so terrible for exposing others!  But, amidst this craziness is one happy moment captured in this sweet picture.

So grateful for the time we could spend with our sweet Nina + her adorable Michael.  Love you guys!

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