Saturday, June 27, 2009

Life on the farm

Our dear friends Nate & Christina are moving to Texas to attend seminary. {sniff, sniff} So, there was a small get together Saturday evening at their Meme & Papa's before they leave next week. Ivory *loved* her visit. Besides the loads of attention she receives from all the adults, she enjoyed a tast of the farm life.

Very fond of her goose feather.

Gonna catch Fred & Ethel, the geese.

Her favorite face to make. My favorite face to laugh at.

D: "This is how you pet the horse."
I: I think I'll keep my distance."

I: "Not so sure about this..."

I: "Um, can I get down now?"

I: "Now this one's more my size!"

I: "I like putting my finger up Mom & Dad's nose, I wonder what the horse's nose feels like..."

I: "Dad, I'm over the horses."
Cassie, Christina, Ivory, Me, Lacie

The many faces of Ivory Rae.
"Papa" and Mr. George make the rounds with Noel, the poodle. Ivory adores Noel, but Noel would rather just bite and growl.
Ivory meets the goose up close and personal.
So exciting!
Ivory meets chickens.
Scared chickens.
Completely disinterested in meeting the chicken.
More interested in homegrown blueberries! Cassie was a little distressed that Ivory was uniterested after all the work involved in catching the chicken...
Our crazy pastor! We really do love him.
Did I mention there was some delicious food?! Lots of homegrown veggies and some good Southern cooking.
Ivory's first adventure with a dollhouse/log cabin.
She loved it! (see tongue)
Tired farm girl.

Some of My Girls

Two girls I love to pieces.

My beautiful niece, Alexandra.

Gorgeous, just like her Aunt, oh wait, I meant Mom...She really does look just like her mom--so beautiful.

She is such fun! And a sweetie, too.

I love how beautiful Aliya strives to beautify herself inside more then without by striving after God. Proud of you, girl!

VBS Video

VBS ~ Nursery

This is where my mommy worked this week at VBS. She said she really missed her 3rd & 4th grade boys class, but of course being in the nursery with me is even better.
Cousin Alex came up to help Mom in the Nursery. I think she's pretty cool.
Grandpa watched me until I woke up from my nap, then he'd warm my bottle and bring me over to play! I really like Grandpa.

I'm quite the drummer.

I wasn't so sure about Mommy playing with other babies, so just in case she decided to bump me out of my rightful place, I crawled all over her and even decided to bestow on her my first kiss!

She said it was sweet...though rather wet.

It made her really happy. I've given her a few more since, but only when I feel like it--you know those Moms can get rather demanding if you're not careful.

Like my pj's from Auntie Sherri? Mommy says they look adorable on me.

I love tooling around with this little walker.

The toys at this joint taste rather delish.
The teenagers like calling me a marsupial since Mom carries me in a front carrier so much. So, mom made me a kangaroo shirt.

My friend. She's 3 days older then me. Mom says her mommy has lots of great advice for how to help me behave. I'm not so sure...this time out business doesn't sound fun to me.

Modeling the VBS shirt Mom made me. She said it didn't turn out too great, but of course I can make anything look good, especially when you add a bow!
Most of the time I got along great with my new friends, unless, of course, they wanted what I had...or they had something I wanted. I would watch for my opportunity, take it, and crawl away quick like lightning.

LOTS of people came to visit me while I was in the nursery. Mom says it's because I'm special--as if I didn't already know.

Mom has a foot fetish. I can relate though, I have a shoe fetish.

VBS wore me out.