Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Eating" rice.

More successful with crackers.

Beach Day

The weather on Monday was gorgeous! A lovely reprieve from last weeks tornado weather and the stormy weather to come this week. Soooo, we headed to the beach with friends.

Ivory thoroughly enjoyed the sand. And she managed not to get burnt!
Playing with Emily.
Time with Sassy Cassie.
The boys had fun using Jason's boards and skimmin' it up with Jason in the ice cold water.
My studly man.

More in love then ever. See the stars in our eyes???

She enjoyed playing at the beach for nearly 2 hours. Toward the end she was getting sleepy and hence rubbing her eyes--sand in eyes = not good. Warm bath, long nap, long night's sleep. Great day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everyday Happenings

Sorry about the quality of these pics...but she's on the move and very hard to photograph these days! These pics are for grandma--thanks for the pjs, grams!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When Daddy Dresses Me

This is what happens when my daddy dresses me...
Mommy felt my first tooth on Sunday, March 22nd at lunch time! She's awfully excited. Guess this means I can start chewing my food rather then just gumming it. Yay for teeth! Oh, and Mom says I handled it all like a pro. Wouldn't even know I was teething!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Events

My mom had neck surgery on Thursday, so Ivory and I drove to the hospital to help Dad out and spend time with Mom. She had a herniated disc so the surgeon repaired it and did a cervical fusion. She is doing great! And of course a visit from Ivory made her feel even better. Sherri and her girls took good care of Ivory while I stayed the night with Mom in the hospital and Dad went home for some much needed rest. Mom and I had some great girl time! We enjoyed talking so much that we stayed up until 3am! So much for taking good care of the surgery patient...(she had actually slept 6 hours during/after surger so wasn't tired). With the nurses coming in and out I decided a night with my 7 month old who still doesn't sleep through the night is still better then a night at the hospital.

Alex did a great job keeping me updated with pictures of how Ivory was doing while with them.
Her tongue has become quite fascinating to her all over again.
Very tired after a long day at the Tampa Aquarium on a field trip with her cousins & Auntie Sherri.

On Friday night Bella & Ally stayed the night so we could have girl time. They're definitely my nieces--love for Blue Bell & Cheez-its!
*Rock stars*
Aunt Leah's sunglasses are so much fun!
Ally and I snuck away to the County fair after putting the little ones down for the night. Funny story:: Bella was tossing and turning and not going to sleep. We needed to leave so we could have some time at the fair before it closed. I finally told Ally I needed to talk with her for a little while and asked Bella if she could stay in the bed and watch Ivory for me so she wouldn't start crying when we left (we were all sleeping in the big bed together for girls night). We told Dad and he said he'd check on them in a little bit. He went in 20 mins later to find Bella sitting up watching Ivory. She took her job VERY seriously! Finally Dad told her it would be all right if she laid down and so she fell asleep. One precious 5-year-old!
We enjoyed a few rides (and yes, I screamed!), looked at some cows, chickens, and rabbits, and had our faces painted!
On Saturday we drove straight to Marianna for a good friend's Wedding reception. It was fun, but a *long* car ride. By the time we arrived at home Ivory and I had spent a healthy 2 hours of patience building in the car (non-stop crying on her part). The trip took a total of 6 hours.
She is really on the move and exploring everything. I love it! So much fun to watch her explore and discover!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sportin' my dress from Auntie Debi!
Helpin' Mom with the laundry.
Ready to GET OUT!

My new sound. I learned this in church Sunday night and did it the entire service! Mom had a hard time not laughing at me the whole service...

I'm such a good crawler now! I can crawl and click my way around.