Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mike Harrison for Sheriff

I haven't gone out of my way to endorse any candidates this year--except one.  Mike Harrison is a very qualified, godly man who is actively involved in our church.  He is a man of integrity and will serve our county well.  We are proud, as a family, to endorse Mike Harrison for Sheriff.  Because we believe he will work hard to protect our family with integrity and determination.

In the ministry that we do with teenagers we daily see the devestating effects of drug addictions.  We are watching teenagers whose parents were on drugs while pregnant with them, now addicted to drugs, and having babies while on these drugs.  2nd and 3rd generations of drug addicts.  It is extremely challenging to reach these teenagers with the gospel when their minds are being fried with drugs.

This also leads to greater violence and a downward spiral of hardships.  I believe that ultimately Jesus is the only answer for these individuals.  However, I believe it takes an entire community working for this cause.  This means there are consequences for actions. 

We have watched the drug usage and drug deals escalate during our time here rather then decrease.  While the crime rate in our surrounding counties has decreased ours has dramatically increased in the past year.  Yet, our arrest rate is down.  Gulf county, we have a problem.

It's time for new leadership.

We enjoyed some delicious boiled corn.

And some refreshing cold sodas.

We also enjoyed watching Mike Hagan share his positive message and show off his strength.

This little girl just loves my husband.  So sweet.

You can see in his eyes that our poor little man didn't feel his best.

Oh, Weston.

Strength feats.

One very attentive audience member.

The  moral of the story?  Vote MIKE HARRISON for Gulf County SHERIFF.

Micah Running Video

Micah running video

Photo Dump

Prepare for a phone photo dump!  So behind...these are all my October phone pics.
Snuck away for a little quiet time before a plethora of errands. So. Refreshing. And I'm not just talking about my machiatto and cheddar bagel with veggie cream cheese. I can almost taste it now...
As amazing as that is, the Words I read were sweeter and much more satisfying.

Ivory joined me on a girl's day. We had so much fun together. I always imagined doing girly things with my daughter one day and felt like that was too good to be true. Thankfully, it's not. We love our girls days.

Starting my girl off right--introducing her to Panera. Where you can purchase cinnamon rolls as big as your head!

Trying on clothes together just for fun.

I enjoy looking at fabric.

I savor the feeling of the fabric between my fingers.

I imagine its potential.

I sketch my design on paper. I envision the end result as my fingers guide fabric through my whirring machine. I savor the moment when its complete and I enjoy the fruit of my labor. 

Working a booth at the fair. Handing out prizes and free popcorn.

Best of all sharing the life giving news of the gospel.

Ivory did great--so friendly and helpful. The boys did well, too. But were definitely more restless.

So we took a trip to the barn.

One of the most heart wrenching phone calls I ever received was hearing that this sweet baby breathed her last after only two weeks of life.
Praise God for the life she lived and the sweet mother He gave her to. Hurting deeply for her mother who's heart is crushed.

Making bead jewelry with my little girl.

Lightning McQueen visited our front porch.

So excited that Jason fixed our stools so they are at more comfortable heights!

Sweet moment.

Church training time--desperately needed.


So mischievous.

Sneaking away for a mini beach retreat with my sweetie.

Hundreds of tiny tiny crabs.

The Cape.

The weather was *gorgeous*.

The company even more so.


Dinner by the marina.

Beautiful beach sunset.

Always interesting to see Ivory's perspective through the camera lens.

Remember I said "interesting."

And adorable.

Playtime with friends before Sunday evening church.

Jason and the two oldest camped out in the backyard after church (Mom had to stay inside with baby).

It's bonfire season again!

The fun we had in the tent before bedtime is one of my best family time memories, yet. So much fun. So much laughter.

After scouting out such a beautiful spot on the cape on our date day we just had to bring the kids back.

We spotted an exciting crane on our way there.

Love Florida's varied landscape.

It was a little colder and cloudier, but still a beautiful day for exploring.

Laying out her seashells so Ivory can rememer the shells left behind.

The shells left behind.

Throwing shells in the water = exciting.


Seashell Queen.

Love this park spot.

The sand through a child's eyes.

Those eyes.


Bonfire snuggles with daddy.

Another sneak away for some refreshment.

So convicted by my need to love God with all that I am and to let go of my lust for stuff.

The princess and the frog.

"Mom, do I look cute like this? Take my picture!?"

His face says it all.

Pure joy.

Homecoming parade!

Small town parades rock.

One Saturday morning in October, "Mom! It's Christmas morning!" They neatly decorated the stools with blankets. This called for a picnic snack and a game of "Don't Eat Pete!"

Oh, and bows. Because apparently it isn't quite Christmas without them.

No child left behind.

Silly crew.

We have implemented outside chore time. The kitchen was in desperate need of scrubbing. Green be gone. Then for some mud fun!

Or just water fun for those who prefer to be cleaner.

Redneck water ride.

Special drinks for daddy.

Love this. Makes me smile so huge.

Loved this sermon.

Seriously awesome event.

Ready for Sunday night church!

And Daddy snuggles.

We love daddy's flowers.

And this kid in bow ties.

As well as stump performances.

Theological discussions with my four-year-old.

Mommy nap time snuggles!

And silly faces.

Happy birthday morning Korban!!

Can't believe you're already one.

You bring us so much joy.

And for your birthday gift your brother and sister decided to actually play sweetly for nearly an hour upon waking up. So quietly, in fact, that Mommy and Daddy overslept! This was a sight worth remembering with a picture.

Thank you, Timothy!

Little birthday get together at the park with some new friends.

A few presents...for Korban and his siblings. People spoil our kids so.

Apparently Jason claims the chicken should be our homeschool mascot...Lyndsey found us the school mascot costume. Er, thank you, Lyndsey...

The following day--Happy birthday to my sweetie!

Happy birthday breakfast for Daddy.

Sweet, silly boy of mine.

Ivory's perspective of mom. The "real" mom. Messy pony tail. Stuffing cloth diapers. T-shirt and cut-off jeans. And yet I still hear often, "Mom, you're so beautiful." Please never grow up. Thank you.

Shoe shopping with Ivory. We love us some shoes! I especially love the gold and silver trend--matches everything. Makes life so much simpler.

Mall play place.

Having fun with our friends Kaitlyn + Joni.

Love watching Ivory make friends. They were already planning play dates at our house.

Sweet girls.

Rain is extra exciting when you're two.

Baby snuggles!

Off to support our man Mike for Sheriff!

Corn as big as your face!

Waiting to see the strong man (Mike Hagan from the Strength Team).

Poor little guy had a super high fever that night. Praise God we were able to keep it low enough that we didn't have to visit the ER and waited it out until we could go to a walk in place that's open on the weekend. I usually hate walk ins. This one is amazing. Great staff, super clean, tastefully decorated, FOX news vs. annoying Soaps, friendly clients.

Our little man was so friendly and cheerful you couldn't even tell he didn't feel good until the very end when nap time sleepiness began to hit.

Nothing major, just a super red throat. Some antibiotics + Tylenol and he's like a new kid. Well, except for the few seconds he complains about the molars coming in. One has already broken through! That makes for 9 teeth for this little one-year-old guy.

Thought a Nutri grain bar for the ride home would be mildly messy. Boy was I mistaken.

A trip to Dr. Dale.

Love it when Ms. Rossie surprises us with one of her delicious pound cakes!

Everyday life calls for lots of messy buns.

Ivory was Daddy's date to the Pastor's Gideon Banquet. She was the perfect date and the prettiest girl there according to Daddy.
She was excited that Mommy let her wear a little make-up and one of her favorite dresses.

In order to avoid the guilt, I've decided to embrace 2-3 mornings a week as cereal mornings. That way it's not every day. But yet I get a break at least a few mornings. We are all pretty happy with this arrangement.

That is except Korban. Who really isn't a fan of any of the cereal. But he does love graham crackers. Some mornings are just cracker mornings.

While we don't have gorgeous Fall leaves we do have beautiful green grass. My 4-year-old going on 14-year-old.

Mr. Smiles.

This is enraging. While I realize there are always two sides to every story, something definitely is NOT RIGHT about this. What happened to protecting our people? Especially those living in dangerous places to protect and defend our country. Wake up America. Obama is not good for this nation.

Daddy didn't feel good Saturday morning so we "snuck out" for a morning outing.

First stop the "donut shop" (which no longer sells donuts, only a few pastries. Does this mean we actually have to start calling it by its real name?!).

Next up, the park.

Showing off his sweet moves.

Walking Mommy to the slide.

A swinging good time.

And the race is on.

Finally all in one place...for about two minutes. Good break for the eyes.

Our sweet neighbor welded us a new fire pit! We had to test it out right away. You haven't really used a fire pit until your roast marshmallows over it. Didn't you know? Also important, Daddy teaching Korban it's hot.

Chug, chug, chug.

Morning family Bible time led by Daddy. Brings back sweet memories of my dad leading our family devotion time. I must admit, I did fall asleep during prayer time more then once. Coffee helps with that now. Well, that and squirming, noisy children.

Stripes duo. And a very point Roman nose. I'm normally more careful about the angle at which I photograph my nose. Yes, I'm vain like that. But, improving seeing that I'm still posting this picture. Okay, it's mostly because I know you'll be staring at the cuteness called Korban.

Ivory *loves* this site.

So in love with this iCandy dress. Sailor style + stripes + dress + buttons + bow + navy + yellow + white ... so much to love.

A trip to our favorite "breakfast shop" with our favorite Pa!

And on that note I close out October with a Happy Reformation Day!!

So grateful for the sacrificial boldness of Martin Luther who God used mightily to make Scripture available to the common man--as it should be. Praise God I can have multiple copies + versions of Scripture in my home today to study.

Celebrate by picking up your Bible and *reading* then say a prayer of thanksgiving that you can.