Monday, October 29, 2012

Sewing Projects

So I've been sewing.  A lot.  Some of these are projects from a while back I never posted.  Some are more recent.  Did I mention this is only a fraction of what I've sewn?  I'm like a sewing maniac these days.  And I love it.

A long scarf I've always loved and never know how to wear turned gathered circle scarf.  I *love* it now. I always loved this striped sweater with a detachable collar + cuffs.  But honestly, it was a little too snug and a lot too short.  Cut it down the middle, hem the sides--a perfect striped cardigan. I'm in love with chevron.  Used this tutorial to make the clutch.  I love it, but think I would tweak it for next time.
I adore my chevron tote and use it constantly.  I can also use a tote to lug the kids + my stuff around.  This particular visit it went to the beach with us. My sister gave me an abundance of white lace trimmed curtain panels.  I love them and used them to decorate for a while.  But recently they have sat in a box.  Saved for the perfect project.  Introducing my wide leg white pants.  Lined and trimmed with lace.  I love them. I bought a Project Runway zippered tunic dress/blouse pattern a while back when Jo-Ann's had a 99cent deal.  I knew I'd love it one day.  That day is today.  

I decided not to line this eyelet skirt.  Mostly because I felt lazy.  But also because who needs lining when you can make it into a great tankini cover-up skirt? A dear friend gave me a bag of clothes to cut up.  This brown knit skirt screamed out to me, "resize me!"  Clever, I know.  It's comfy now but I imagine would work even better as a maternity skirt. 
This denim skirt is one of my favorites.  But, every time I wore it to church I felt hindered in my ability to handle climbing, crawling, running children.  Welcome the side slit fabric insert.  Much better.

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