Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Silver + Gold

I get nervous, excited, and intimidated every time I meet someone new.  Especially someone I really hope to be friends with one day.  Melissa Chaney was no exception. 

While it took some time for our friendship to blossom, it was well worth the effort and wait.  Melissa and her family became the kind of friends I plan to keep for a lifetime.  I share things with her and she just "gets it."  I guess being wife to a youth pastor (with our husbands being oh so similar) in the same small town calls for a lot of common ground--and very unique common ground.  While I've always known the Chaneys wouldn't be here forever and I trust in God's perfect timing, it has still been so hard to let go.  In fact, I haven't been able to even write about it for a while now without tearing up.  What am I talking about--I still do.

It was especially difficult to say goodbye when a lot of our "goodbye events" were canceled due to sickness in our family.  Thankfully, we did squeeze in one day for a meal at Pepper's and some playtime at the park.

These silly three had fun running up and down the sidewalks downtown. And playing at the bayside pirate ship park. Micah *loves* jumping to daddy. Ivory likes jumping...but she's a "big girl" and can jump all by herself. And of course Addie can't be left out of the jumping excitement.
Korban + Olive spent some time bonding. Ivory, "Will Mr. Sabian be coming?  Yes?  Oh good.  I don't hardly ever get to see him."  She was glad she could spend time coloring and sitting with him.  He's such a sweet daddy. 
When we got home we had one tired boy on our hands.
It never gets old watching them sleep.  So sweet.

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Melissa said...

Such a good day. Such good friends. Thanks for the sweet words. Miss you guys.