Monday, October 29, 2012

Operation Christmas Child

It is such a delight to give to others.  I especially love combining what I have, what's been giving to me, and what I love doing to create for others.  I have been blessed with many many fabric + clothing donations.  I love seeing what I can create and re-purpose from these items.  These dresses were born from fabric donations, a skirt, a dress, a bed skirt, corduroy pants, and a men's dress shirt.  All fabric was in excellent condition.

Pillowcase dresses: Dresses + skirts: Backpacks, totes, zipper pouches:
More bows! I'm obsessed with stripes. Especially loving these silver button corduroys.  Not gonna lie, I was totally tempted to keep these for Korban and pair them with suspenders and a bow tie.   I can't think about it or I'll go dig them back out of the box...raw honesty here. Shorts, shorts, and more shorts!
With each item I sew I pray the one who receives it learns about being clothed in the righteousness of Christ--the only perfect garment.

Quick note:  I hesitated to post this.  I don't want to seem like I am attempting to show off or give to be seen by men.  That's the last thing I want.  Ultimately I'm posting post this in case, like me, you felt for many years you didn't have much to offer.  Maybe your budget is as tight as mine.  Maybe you can't buy a lot to give.  But what do you have that you can use?  Start thinking creatively, pray for what you need to make that happen, then DO it.  You will be so blessed.

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