Friday, July 31, 2009

Grandpa & His Grandkids

Grandpa & his girls:: taken by Alexandra. Prepare for slight motion sickness + cuteness.

*Proud Auntie Moment* :: My nephew is so intelligent & skilled. He plays peek-a-boo at 3 months.

Grandpa singing Elmo's duck song to his adoring grandkids.

Peek-A-Boo with Grandpa

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Video at Grandma & Grandpa's

Eating without a high chair is not a pleasant experience. Investing in a high chair for Grandma & Grandpa's house is a new must.

Carter enjoys Ivory's activity mat.


Enjoying the Sunday paper at Uncle Ray & Aunt Betty's.

The giggles died before the video camera came on. But, she loves this couch game with Grandpa. She started giggling as soon as Grandpa came down the stairs this morning and began the couch games.

She also likes pulling up shirts and discovering belly buttons. We giggle when she puts her finger in our belly button. So, now she pulls up our shirts and starts screeching/laughing trying to get us to laugh/imitating us. She felt awfully proud of herself when she learned that not only does mom have one, but dad does, too. Now, she knows to look for everyone's. She also enjoys us tickling her belly button. She is such a silly girl!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mini Vaca

Daddy is currently leading a missions team in Costa Rica. Sooo, we decided to take a road trip to see Grandma & Grandpa C. My sister, Debi, flew down from Canada with her 3 month old Carter for the occasion. We are having a blast!

Here are some excerpts from some e-mails I sent Jason while he's away (beware of wordiness as well as some slight sappiness):

I can't believe you've already sent me an e-mail & called me! You are such an incredibly fabulous & thoughtful husband. Hearing your voice on the phone immediately brought tears to my eyes. I was so surprised--and pleased! I don't expect you to call, but in case you can or try to call. I miss you like crazy.

Soo good to see Debi, as always! Carter is precious & fun. Thoroughly enjoying watching Ivory & Carter interact. Took a video of Ivory in little bat wings & antennas--soooo stinkin cute! She kept it on for a long time just crawling around & playing. She has *loved* crawling around exploring a new place, discovering new toys, watching & touching Carter, & enjoying tons of attention. She is so precious & miss personality. She still hates bath time--cant figure out why. I'll keep trying.

My good friend Lynne had her baby, Timothy Ross, Sunday morning! He was delivered by emergency C section. But thankfully, he's healthy and doing well. 5lbs. 9oz. 19in. Long & lean. The picture is precious (will eventually load it).

Ivory *loves* Uncle Ray! We met them at a Mexican restaraunt for lunch and he took Ivory out of the car and she was happy as ever to be with him. She viewed him as her hero rescuing her from the evil carseat. (Though Ivory & Carter were *fabulous* in the car!) She flirted & waved to all the servers in the restaraunt & completely made all of theirs day. She has played in Uncle Ray's lap with her bottle & their coasters. She is crurently standing against the couch chewing on a green squishy stress ball. She adores Carter and they love being together. Last night they played together in the living room all through dinner. She babbled & peeked over her carseat at Carter most of the ride over here. He was more content in the car then he's ever been. We have ourselves two sweeties.

Now Ivory is visiting Grandpa. She adores him, as well. Grandpa was getting a little jealous of Great-Great-Uncle Ray. Uncle Ray is as funny as ever. I love how he just continually talks with Ivory as though she's a little adult. Thoroughly entertaining.

Ivory is just babbling away right now. She loves the toys Grandma bought her. She also really likes the puzzles. We have such a precious little girl, baby.

Carter talks, babbles, & plays peek-a-boo. He's a real sweetie & such a little man! I just love getting to spend time with him, my sister, and the rest of the fam!

Looking forward to seeing my sweetheart. We think of you often and can't wait to see you. But, glad you're following God in obedience even at the cost of personal sacrifice.

I love you more then Ivory is cute!


Oh, and last week Ivory learned how to say more in sign language. ( She also somewhat knows all done. ( As of 2pm today, she now also says please!! I showed her twice and she repeated! She also showed Grandma & Grandpa. However, she was too "shy" to show Aunt Debi on her chest, but she did say please on Aunt Debi's chest rather then her own. We've only been working on milk, drink, eat, Mama & Dada ( signs for, oh, maybe 8 months? More & please we only did a few times. Go figure!

Oh well, this is one proud, happy momma! Even just a few signs makes interacting and understanding so much clearer. This makes for happier baby, happier mom & dad, and happier anyone else who happens to be around. It eliminates a lot of guessing and fussing. And for those of you who are worried that this will delay verbal development, research proves just the opposite. Also, if you spend more then a few minutes with my daughter you'll quickly learn she has absolutely no problem with vocal skills. Ha!

Family Fun

Having difficulty posting pictures on blogger right now. So, if you're my facebook friend, check out the Family Fun album on my facebook site for updated photos from this week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun With Dad

Homegrown Tomatoes

Reason #10584 I love: living in the country + my church
Thanks, Mrs. Maureen!


Great Grandmother

We had a marvelous time visiting with Ivory's Great Grandmother B. She is such a precious lady. I love her spunk, diligence, & kindness. She was very helpful with dishes, cooking, and baby watching. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her and listening to her share about her life. I had only spent a little time with her before this past weekend and am so glad she was able to come for 4 days! She raised 5 boys in the church in Mississippi, one being Jason's dad. I'm grateful for her spiritual guidance in her children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren's lives.
It didn't take long for Ivory to warm up to Great-Grandmother B--especially when she took her outside on the porch swing!

Sleepy girl.

Our weather = humid


Jason was ordained at our church the afternoon of Sunday, July 12th. I was absolutely beaming with pride the entire service. My husband is truly an incredible minister of the gospel, in the pulpit and out. He was also named associate pastor of our church. This does nothing to really change his responsibilities or ministry, simply a new title. He serves the Lord, our family, and the body of Christ with such fervor, passion & zeal. His love for God is contagious and continuous. He is a man I deeply desire and feel honored to call friend and lover.

Our pastor, Bro Mike, presented Jason with an apologetics study Bible (apologetics is a passion of Jason's) and a certificate of ordination signed by the ordination counsel. He was put through a pretty intense "grilling" session of questions and breezed through it with class. He was asked by more then just one for his number & willingness to transfer to a new church...But, we are so blessed in our calling and commitment to our current church & loving fellowship.

Jason's dad suprised him by singing, "People Need The Lord." Needless to say, there were more then a few in need of tissues.

Ivory enjoyed relaxing with Nana at the fellowship following.

Grandmother B, Dad B, Mom B, Mamaw S, Melissa B (sister), us {also in attendance & not pictured: Mom & Dad C)

We were honored to have Grandmother & Mamaw in attendance. Mamaw took Jason on his first mission trip (to Honduras), where he received his call into full time ministry.

J & his parents. I'm so grateful for their commitment to the Lord & their children. They raised an amazing son.

Ivory enjoying freedom from sitting!

Free at last!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elmo Love

Grandma & Grandpa C introduced Ivory to Elmo.

Now they're feeding Ivory's Elmo Love.

Elmo lives in Grandma & Grandpa C's 5th Wheel where Ivory visits him.
Side note:: I have finally learned to make bows! This one turned out slightly larger then expected. I have since made 5 more bows in various shapes & sizes. Will post pics...eventually.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ivory Stands Alone

Exploring in Grandma & Grandpa C's 5th wheel.