Friday, November 28, 2008

Play time with Danielle, my dear friend of many years.

Tummy Time - Take 1

You can see her tummy time progress.

Tummy Time - Take 2

She's starting to lift her head a lot!

Tummy Time - Take 3

She rolled over a few minutes after this video.

Double Date Night

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa watching Ivory we slipped away for a night to Orlando's City Walk for a night of fun with my sister and her husband, Ben.

We ate at a fun Cuban restaurant.

Live music

Good food, great company!

Love my sweetheart!

My sister's favorite princess, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

Early Christmas

We celebrate Christmas each year with my family after Thanksgiving since Debi and I are with our spouse's families. Aunt Nancy bought Ivory this beautiful Christmas dress. She's our little Christmas princess.

Ivory gave Ben a picture frame to hold a picture of their new baby. Ivory's footprints are on the mat.


The star of Thanksgiving.

Her first taste of real food. We let her chew on celery since she likes chewing so much. She wasn't too crazy about it. She'd chew a while then make a face and scream.

Aunt Debi stealing kisses...again.

Auntie Sherri giving love!

Grandma--the head chef.

Our boys graciously carved the meat.

Beautiful Bella

Ally adores our little Ivory

My handsome man.

Rachel & Michael.

Our family friends always come and celebrate with us on Thanksgiving.
Uncle Monte

My sister, Debi sampling the food she helped prepare.

My sister Sherri & her husband, Robert

Lee, her daughter Nancy, and my beautiful mother, Diana

Digging in!

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without Rachel working on a school project while watching football.

Bella was a great help putting food away and washing dishes.

Exhausted after a hard's day work.

After the delicious food we went out to my parents wooded backyard for some family pictures.

Our good friends Uncle Monte, Aunt Nancy, Rachel & Michael.

My Mom & Aunt Nancy have been friends since Elementary school.

Debi, Ben & baby

My beautiful parents

Sherri, Bella, Alexandra, Robert

Jason, Ivory, Lee Ann

Mommy love!

My parents with their grandkids minus one, we missed you, Cameron!

I love my sisters!

Cousin lovin'

Lovin' on Aunt Debi's baby love.

Our men

The crew


Ivory likes watching football with Grandpa. She sits in his lap or in her swing and kicks her little legs in excitement. She especially likes cheering for teams wearing red.

Mommy Time

One of the rare times I actually got to spend holding my little one over the holidays.