Tuesday, October 30, 2012


What inspires me:

My crew, fun, bright corduroy,
bright, modern print knits,
coral stretch lace (that's a stretch lace top I made...and will eventually photograph for the blog), my daughter's creativity (she designed Belle's dress and described how she wanted it sewn down to the color thread for each seam--and she accessorized her), details (heart patch for hole) + Ivory's whimsical, childlike accessorizing, this incredible mug seen on instagram,

the green food dress from Real Simple, real simple fashion spreads, gifts others receive and I decide I could replicate (I can totally make a pillow pet...right?),

pictures my sister takes (I'm in love with this striped dress and am only wishing for a full length shot),

bakers twine (amazing projects all over the internet),

shoes spied for a split second on Jane by Design, this Shabby apple houndstooth dress (I love houndstooth),
ideas found in books, quotes,

creative blogposts, (painted cabinet doors with clips attached)

navy blue and this woman's fashion style,

projects from this blog,

What inspires you?

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