Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Everyday Happenings

Ivory's self-portrait. An unedited shot of Ivory's cell phone camera experimenting.

The butterflies are in love with our flowers.  The kids are loving both.

Korban enjoys riding with sister in her Barbie jeep.

Collecting acorns and earning a penny a piece.  Ivory earned $1.68.  10% to savings.  10% to tithe.  80% spending.  Just enough left to buy a pretty pink sparkly crown at the fabric store.  And a little to leftover.  Micah has earned 13 cents. 
"A penny saved is a penny earned."  Great chance for a math lesson!  We made piles of fives, counted by fives and tens, made change for nickels, dimes, quarters, and finally a $1 bill.  Love tangible life lessons--the best kind of learning.

I love those rare moments when everyone is happily playing together. We love LeapPad!

And receiving pictures from our favorite little Michael!  His first carousel ride with his Grandma. Ivory is loving climbing. Korban *loves* throwing + catching.  He points, asks "What's that?", repeats words + phrases, waves hi + bye, smiles constantly, jabbers often, and laughs easily.  He takes more steps daily and just today walked the full length of the hall all on his own! Korban loves playing outside in the grass, sand box, and dirt pile.
Micah is still so fun, but I must admit he's been trying our patience lately.  He has initiated us into the whiny twos.  Nothing grates on me quite like whining.  Thankfully he draws us in with his twinkly eyes, bright smile, and contagious laughter.  That pulls us through the challenging times.
Love when my sister sends quick little day-to-day kind of shots of my nephew + niece.  I will say it makes my auntie heart hurt just a little though when I see how much Carter + Larissa are growing and I feel like I hardly know them and they me.  How I wish we lived closer and we could have weekly cousin play dates.
Just look how big and handsome my nephew is?!

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