Saturday, September 3, 2011

twenty & six

This week I turned the big 2-6. It fell on a busy day so I didn't really expect to do/receive much. Well, my sweet friend surprised me with a half walk + a donut! When I got home my husband had helped the kids make me birthday cards (yes, he's amazing like that):

He was also making pancakes for our family. So, of course, I indulged in more delicious carbs. Walking + prego + birthday makes it least I'll keep telling myself that. =)

I recived cards + gifts + facebook posts + texts + lunch out + date night+morning with husband + future lunch with a friend (I love something to anticiapte!). I'm overwhelmed thinking about the thoughtfulness and love of the people in my life. I'm usually like a little kid about my birthday anticipating it with a countdown for at least a month before. This year I felt somewhat indifferent, maybe even slightly melancholy. I think I'm just so consumed with the projects I want to complete before baby arrives that it was just sort of another date on the calendar. But, when it comes down to it and I wake up on my birthday, I still feel sort of like a little kid full of hope, excitement & anticipation. I'm grateful for those who blessed me with way more then I could have hoped for.

Friday, Jason arranged a surprise date for us that lasted all the way through Saturday lunch. (After a day like Thursday, Friday couldn't come fast enough!) Talk about a treat!! We actually stayed up to midnight (barely) and slept in until 9:30. I can't remember the last time I slept that late. I felt truly spoiled. We browsed stores and ate dinner at Olive Garden--one of my favorite restaurants.

My husband has saved a card I gave him nearly 4 years ago on his 26th birthday. This year he wrote on the other half of it and gave it to me. How thoughtful and unique is that? I mean, beyond the sweetness of holding onto a card I gave him 4 years ago, he wrote sweet, sweet words to me and pulled it out at just the right time. I so love him.

It's funny how God works. My plan wasn't to get married until oh, around 28. Who'd have thought by the time I turned 26 I'd have been married over 5 years with a 3-year-old, 15-month-old, and baby Korban on the way (Monday marks only 6 weeks 'til d-day!). I love that God's plans are much better then ours. I'm glad He's in charge and not me.

Thanks God for the friends + family you've placed in my life. I'm so very blessed.

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