Monday, September 5, 2011


Love that my kids are growing closer and closer. I love hearing them laugh together and watch them wrestle like puppies. Micah adores big sister and follows her around imitating what she does. They love making each other laugh and having laughing/screaming matches. The other day at the table when Micah wouldn't stop crying Ivory kept saying, "It's OKAY, Micah, it's okay!" When that didn't work she looked at him and sweetly said, "I love you, Micah" repetitively. So sweet.

Before bedtime movie relaxing:

Micah feels SO proud and like such a big kid when he gets to sit in a big chair. All smiles:

Ivory posing for a picture:

This morning as we walked home from Bobo's house I was holding Micah's hand and Ivory wanted to hold his other hand. She dropped something and reached down to get it while Micah stuck his hand out patiently waiting for her to grab it again. Ivory bent down and said, "You're so cute, Micah!" Love those moments. I pray they'll always be good friends and they'll joyfully welcome Korban into the mix.

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