Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Sneak Peek

Woke up this morning and the weather = GORGEOUS.

Micah *loved* bouncing by himself (under the watchful eye of Daddy) like a big boy.

Love this look of awe & excitement as Micah looks at his daddy.

Ivory wasn't keen on spinning.

Micah loved it.

As well as climbing up the tunnel to Daddy.

While Micah wasn't interested in stopping long enough to pose for pictures

Ivory was more than happy to pose.


The kids were super excited to see ducks. Micah practiced his quacking and Ivory enjoyed chasing. We also had fun visiting the goats were Micah found it to be extremely exciting to feed the goats leaves. Ivory enjoyed that for a short time then loved throwing pine needles & sticks off the bridge into the pond.

I could hardly believe it, we were outside at 11AM and we didn't break a sweat. Beyond that, the weather stayed nice ALL DAY. And it's only the beginning of September. Sure, it will probably be hot & humid tomorrow, but we sure enjoyed the weather today.

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Sarah M. said...

I hope someone's told you lately how super cute your kids are. If not, let me! :) Your kids are super cute!!!