Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow Day

We've had a few blissfully slow days lately. Welcomed during these past few busy weeks and only busier ones to come!

I went to wake Micah up one morning (so he'll nap while Ivory naps in the afternoon) and just had to run back for my camera and sneak in a few pics before waking him.

He grows cuter daily.

Caught me!

Backyard fun! Ivory was generously given this jeep by some new church members. We love it! So fun!

She is a pretty good drive, but Micah still prefers to ride in the wagon.

Ivory made me a delicious birthday cake. She's all about birthdays lately (thanks to her newest movie interest Gigi, God's Little Princess).

If Ivory were to take you on a tour around the yard (which she enjoys doing) she'd either tell you that this is the quiet forest (Dora the Explorer) or the jungle with snakes in it.

As kids my sister, friends and I spent hours playing in our woods. I'm so glad we have a little piece of "jungle" for our kids to explore.

Yesterday morning Ivory begged Daddy to play dress up before he left for work. She came parading into the kitchen in her high heels exclaiming to Mommy how beautiful and dressed up she was! =)

She is so girly and I love it!

Ivory kept walking away from her daddy while he was trying to video...

And on a very positive note, Ivory has been SUCH a good helper around the house lately with chores. I've been having some back pain and such so I've been using her young, energetic self to do as much bending over for me as possible. She's doing such a good job picking up toys, laundry, shoes, etc. I'm really grateful for my little helper!

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