Monday, May 30, 2011

Bike Ride

Our friend Betty Jo found a good deal on this bike trailer and bought it for us--so generous and thoughtful that girl.  We thoroughly enjoy it!  Jason has taken the kids for several rides (major points with mom here!) and I even attempted to take them for a ride last Thursday when Jason has music practice in the evening.

The kids really enjoy it (well, Micah's happy as long as Ivory's not deciding to purposely bang her head into his...).  I know, I know, they need bike helmets--we don't ride far and are ride really slowly.  We are working on getting bike helmets asap.  We put pillows in for the ride now since the rides often lull them into a near sleep.  Perfect bedtime prep.

My sweetie getting us all set-up and showing me how to do it so if I ever want to set up and go when he's not around.  I am proud to say I figured out how to dismantle it and put it all away with ease. 

It hardly even feels like I'm pulling anything.  It's just that my leg muscles were screaming at me reminding me we haven't ridden a bike in years.

So, though our ride was quite short, it was a nice one.  I'm hoping to maybe make the next one last a good solid 30 minutes instead of my 15-20 minute ride (and I'm being quite liberal in my time estimate)...we'll see.  Thanks again, Betty Jo--we all love it!

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