Thursday, May 26, 2011

Saturday Fun

The Saturday following Micah's birthday was a fun, full, exhausting day.

Apparently being one inspired Micah to learn new skills. He signed his first sign--please.

The princess started off her day with grandpa at their party (she's all about parties these days). Apparently the parties are best when on the floor of Mom & Dad's bedroom. She did take a moment's reprieve from her party to see the turtle in our backyard seen through our dining room window.


Our one-year-old enjoyed playing with his new birthday presents.

...and so did our 20 something boy.

He also enjoyed some outdoor swinging with Nana.

While sister pouted as Nana was giving someone else her full attention...

Pouty princess.

She soon recovered and enjoyed pushing Micah in the swing.

Apparently the water table makes a great bed for baby.

A little while later Ivory and Pa disappeared on a short walk. As Ivory was in a princess dress, pushing an empty baby doll stroller, with no shoes, we assumed this was a short walk. Well, when they were nowhere to be found we made a phone call to discover they were at the donut shop. Pa, "Well, she just kept walking and walking..." We decided to meet them there (with shoes) and head to the Tupelo Festival at the park. Jason finished running sound for a funeral just in time to meet us on our way there.

Ivory was purely delighted when she saw a police man and nothing could have thrilled her more then when invited her to sit in his car.

Checking out his radio.

Micah spent most of his time at the festival with Grandaddy.

The grandpas couldn't help but spoil the kids with treats and train rides.

Like Ivory's blue lips?

I snuck away with terrible greasy fried pickles...that I quickly regretted eating. They tasted good at first...mostly.

While the kids napped Jason and I snuck back to Meme & Papa's where they were having an open house celebration for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. So special! Loved looking at their old pictures and celebrating their marriage of 50 years. So inspiring to us as we celebrate our 5th year anniversary.

When the kids woke they enjoyed some outdoor water fun.

Ivory sporting her new pink swimsuit from MikeMike, Bobo, Cassie, Meme & Papa. They can't help but buy presents for both kids...

Love watching them play together...well, beside each other.

Love their fun personalities.

My kids have the best dad.

The kids kept wanting to climb into it.

We relaxed for a little bit and enjoyed some family time before Jason and I left again to watch our high school seniors from church graduate. Two of our students were neck-and-neck to reach the top of their class and gave the speeches for graduation. Praying they all use their gifts and talents to serve the Lord and advance His kingdom.

Aliya, valedictorian.

Randy, salutatorian.

We were able to snag pics with three out of our five graduates. This kid calls us Mom and Dad (he does have parents, it's in fun, and because we love him so much! AS we do all our teens.) Jason and Randy.

Lee Ann & Aliya with her money lei, cool, huh? Her sister and her sister's friend spent hours making that from $1 bills!

Jason and Stephen.

A short clip of the fun Pa had with Ivory during their stay. =)

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