Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mississippi - day 2

Early mornings with Grandaddy are sweet.

Yes, I know it's sideways...but it's so cute!

The gorgeous wooden highchair Micah is sitting in has held Bennett boys & children for four generations. Great-great Grandaddy, Grandaddy, Jason, Micah.

So many precious memories in this home.

Breakfast with Great Grandmother.

More outdoor fun post breakfast.

I'm in love with Grandmother's beautiful, shady backyard. Jason's grandaddy planted just about all the pine & oak trees in the yard.

Ivory standing by the picnic table her Grandaddy ate off of as a boy.

Micah warmed up to Grandaddy immediately.

Great Grandmother taking Micah Man for a little walk.

Uncle Paul working on a project. The boys are always busy with a project.

Micah's turn in the tire swing.

Jason, Micah, Caleb.

Grandaddy & Micah.

Nana & Ivory playing games on Nana's fancy iPhone.

On Saturday Jason and I put the kids down for a nap and snuck away to the most *amazing* sewing center & bike shop up the road. We came home to find Ivory out of her little couch bed (first time she's ever gotten out of bed without permission), Micah out of his tent (Ivory unzipped it and let him out) and the two of them were on the floor playing with toys. They were happily playing...hopefully with a little guilt. Yes, no nap time.

So, when Ivory got on the tire swing later that afternoon, here's the result.

She slept for an hour, slightly swinging in the shade.

Uncle Paul helping in the kitchen.

Grandaddy grilled burgers and chicken for dinner. He is definitely the grill master. I caught the expression perfectly.

When Ivory woke her & Micah enjoyed a ride together.

Micah with Jason's cousin Caleb.

A rare moment where Jason allowed Nana to hold him without screaming.

And old fountain in Grandmother's yard.

We enjoyed another night of delicious food and good fellowship.

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