Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Micah Turns One

The invitations were handmade and sent with hopeful anticipation.

So far we've tried to stick with very small, simple parties with family and very close family friends. This proves easier on mom, the budget, and the kids. This party was delightful.

Ivory rushed excitedly into Micah's mini room to great Micah with an excited "Happy birthday, Micah! Micah, happy birthday! Happy birthday, Micah! Mom, he's not listening! MICAH, it's your birthday. Happy birthday!"

Micah soon caught Ivory's enthusiasm and couldn't stop bouncing.

Gotta love morning bedhead! =)

Both woke with leaky diapers, wet sheets, and an unappealing stench. Baths were quickly in order. Micah was enjoying his bath with great delight...until the camera came out.

By then he was ready to get out and start his day off with some milk and breakfast.

This boy has an insatiable appetite these days.
After breakfast he opened his birthday card from Sarah, my lovely college roomie.

He was fascinated with the cowboy hat.

And not impressed when I tried to take it away for a quick picture.

So, I waited until something else distracted him and took some pictures of this adorable handmade card.

Not long after breakfast Aunt Mel arrived to complete Micah's birthday cake. I'm so excited to show you the INCREDIBLE birthday cake Micah had for his first birthday. Amazing. Have I mentioned how crazy talented this girl is? I know, I have. Just had to mention it once more.

Micah's personal smash cake.

Jason and I left a little earlier to run by the store, grill and prepare the food while the kids napped. Grandma and Grandpa arrived got them dressed and ready and brought them when the party was ready to begin. Sarah made the adorable banner.

The kids immediately gravitated to the chickens & geese outside.

The birthday boy wasn't too sure what to think about the chickens...

Ivory and Bobo went looking for eggs.

A goose egg!

Ivory was certain Fred would want his egg back. Fred didn't quite go along with the plan, so Meme stepped in to help. "Fred, Fred! Here's your egg, Fred!" as she chased him around the yard.

Little farm boy.

Meeting Fred & Ethel.

Had to include a picture of Meme's gorgeous lilies.

The kids were in for a surprise! Shortly after the party began a pony trotted into the yard all ready for some buggy rides!

Meme & Papa's kind neighbor graciously brought her horse over for the kids to enjoy a ride. I think the adults liked it even more then the kids...So fun!

Micah with his MikeMike.

Ivory with her daddy.

I took a turn with my birthday boy.

Jason rode with the sweet girls.

Then Cassie & Ivory had to enjoy a quick ride.

The birthday boy was excited when Grandaddy arrived.

Micah showing off his walking to Nana.

We were all glad that both grandparent sets could make it.

Papa took his turn.

Then his girls + Micah.

While the adults were taking turns riding Sabian and Melissa chased the geese with Ivory and Addie.

Adelaide went to meet the chickens.

But they kept running away.

Ivory was excited to show Micah her goose egg.

Micah was excited to see it.

Then graciously returned it.
I think he may have thought they were playing catch.

I think every kid loves sticks.

Addie adores Micah and is very sweet to him.

After enjoying the outdoors we came in for some yummy food. The cake was so very adorable I couldn't bear to cut into it.

So, I gave the job to Melissa...who gave it to Jason.

After cake the kids played some with Meme and Papa's toy stash.

After a little play we opened presents!

Addie was excited to present Micah with pretty much the coolest bubble blower every.

Micah was most interested in the batteries.

While Micah enjoyed his batteries, Ivory excitedly helped daddy open Micah's wooden train from Nana and Grandaddy.

Micah was too excited about his batteries to enjoy his train at the moment, but he did enjoy it later when his batteries "disappeared."

Micah now has the sandals we loved from Timothy in the next size up. Thank you MikeMike, Bobo & Cassie!

Addie is very helpful.

Going in for the BIG one!

Call in some back up.

MikeMike, Cassie, Bobo, Meme, and Papa gave the kids this fun water table.

Grandma and Grandpa gave Micah money for his birthday so we could buy him something he needs. Since we are blessed to have all Micah's current needs (and an abundance of wants) met we put it into his savings account. Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa!

By now the birthday boy was beginning to get weary, so we decided to wrap things up with some birthday cake smashing.

It didn't take little man long to figure out what to do.

Ivory thought she might need to help him out.

Good job, Aunt Mel!

Pretty sure he loved it.

Ivory ended up with frosting on her nose.

This clean up required some sink time. First baby to bathe in Meme's sink.

Now Micah was starting to grow weary and went searching for a pillow where he kept laying his head.

He got a second wind, however, when he went outside to see the bubble wonderland.

Micah shared some of his love with Melissa.

And while he was fascinated with the bubbles, his enthusiasm for stair climbing overshadowed the bubbles. Melissa graciously obliged him with many, many trips up and down, up and down, up and down....

While the girls continued with their bubble loving.

Overall, a wonderful day. Special for our whole family. Thank you to everyone who made our day so very, very special. We love you all! Micah man, you are truly a delight and such a very adorable one year old boy. We love you with all our hearts, even more, Jesus loves you.

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