Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Weekend

Sooo...the sewing bug has bit me so bad that all my evenings are filled with cutting out sewing projects once the kids go to bed and squeezing in time to sew those projects during the day when they're awake (my sewing station is in kid's bedroom).  Well, they're napping and (suprisingly) I'm actually awake, the dishes are washed, the house clean, laundry folded and I figured I would take a break from projects ot update this poor, neglected blog of mine.

Here are some pictures of one family weekend.

Happy Korban--he just loves his outside swing.  It's nearly magical in it's ability to produce long lasting smiles + hours of entertainment.
My sister calculated that it has rained 75 days straight.  Wish we could share with the West.  Since we can't, we spend lots of time indoors and when we feel brave we venture into the mosquito world to enjoy the outdoors.  I know this sounds like complianing, and I guess it is.  However, I realize that the rain is simply uncomfortable and incovenient.  Really we are so blessed and we do still see sunshine for a little while at least once a day.  Who doesn't love a baby in a sink?
My kids spoile me with handpicked flowers all the time.  I'm so blessed by their continual acts of love.  One way to spend a rainy afternoon:

I sported my lace extender slip at church on Sunday.  Love it! walking to SS Sunday school with our favorite Cassie!  Ivory's drawing during Snday morning church.  According to Ivory I have two tongues.  Ivory's personal fashion ensemble:  Sunday afternoon outside:

Sunday morning service was, um, hard.  Three kids.  Over an hour + half service.  The kids got the best of me.  We left early.  That night, Cassie, being the amazing person she is, watched them for me so I could actually *focus* in church. 

Sunday service inspired pages of quiet book ideas:
While I love creating the ideas, I don't love actually making the book.  It's a more handsewing crafty project + crafts aren't as much my thing. 

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