Saturday, August 11, 2012

Everyday Happenings

Early morning cuteness: Early morning sweetness: Early morning not-so-happy: We love getting pictures of Timothy...and Micah loves getting pictures of his beloved Mater.

We so wish we could have joined Timothy for his Cars party!  Have I mentioned how awesome Timothy's mom is?  Micah wakes up during thunderstorms absolutely terrified.  Have I mentioned we've had big, loud summer storms EVERY day this summer?  Lots of mommy + Micah snuggles necessary during nap times.  Jason brightened my day by bringhome chips + salsa from our favorite Mexican restaurant:  Ivory was anxious for daddy time when he returned.  They took of on a daddy-daughter date and enjoyed a snack + some fun by the bay. Doesn't this reading nook look amazing?  I thought we could make a super long, divided one along one wall to double as small beds for my munchkins.

Sadly my three were all too whiny + snotty for church one Sunday.  Here we are trying to stay happy + sane while daddy was at church. 
We snuck outside for a little outdoor play when the indoor whining grew to be a little more then mommy could handle... Micah felt yucky so spent a lot of time on mommy's lap--especially when the Barbie jeep came out.  He's awfully terrified of that thing.
So refreshing to enjoy a bright blue sky.
We loved getting pictures from our cousins!  Here is cutie pie Aiden.

Beautiful Anna + Ella showing off their Olympic prizes:

Anna made this Olympic maze:  So creative!

Love that all three can take baths together now!  So fun. Korban is super proud of his new skills--he's becoming quite skilled + confident.

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