Saturday, August 11, 2012


For those who are anxious to hear about my husband's trip to Nicaragua don't worry a post is in the works. Until then I'll post snippets of e-mails he wrote to me while in Nicaragua:

I love you and miss you. internet is VERY slow so i cant download any of the e-mails you have sent yet. I am extremely exhausted like ive never been before. came close to heat exhaustion yesterday and definitely struggled with it today. The regimine we are on is extreme and almost more than even I can handle. 9 days of it just might hurt a litte. Yesterday Bro mike and I led the pastors conference for about 250 pastors and wives. We each taught about 1 and 1half to 2 hours in Ephesians while the rest of the team did door to door work and games in the street at the market. I joined them later for the door to door work and did a small game and bible study time in the park with the kids. there were about 30 kids there.

We are pouring water through like its nothing. I think Im not exaggerating when I say I may have drank 3 or 4 gallons today. 5 minutes of hard running in the sun or shade and we have to take a break. We then went back to the same church for a leadership conference for the servants and leaders of that particular church. There were about 75 people there. Bro mike and I also led that. We each put in about 1 hour of teaching. Probably the longest amount of teaching time I have ever put into one day.

Today we went to the market to buy fresh vegies for the food we fed the people at the dump. We went there and got a tour of the homes in the dump where about 250 families are living. That was a very moving experience. We hiked down the trash piles to where the people were scavenging for any kind of metal they could sell. They were literally digging through the mud and trash like miners looking for anything. There was a flowing river of green sewage they were using as a filter for their work. They were fully immersed in this as they dug for their livelihood. We worked with the kids for a couple of hours and played games and prepared food on a very hot fire. Chicken heads were floating in the food. That was different. I'll show you pictures when I get back. Sorry I cannot upload them on this computer. Then we ate lunch on the bus and traveled to another village and played games with the kids and cooked the food and played games with them there.

At both places the students gathered the children and taught them from the Bible. The children definitely have a finders keeper mentality. I almost lost the camera today. I grabed a kids hand as he gently pulled my camera from my pocket almost without me noticing.

Then we went to dinner at a good pizza place. Had to break the gluten rule for that. The number of children and people we have encountered have been almost overwhelming. But it has been a blessing. The people seem to be hungry for the gospel and truth. We're trying to pour all we have into this but it seems like were going to have to pace ourselves. The students are doing great. I got some great pictures and cant wait to show them to you.

Lee Ann, I miss you and wish you were with me. I will try to get the computer to read your e-mails as best I can but its going slow. I saw the subjects and they are encouraging to me. Please tell Ivory and Micah I miss them. I am going to try and give away their gifts tomorrow. It's hard to figure out which kid to give the gift to. I picked up a little boy today who was sitting all by himself crying. He must have been about 10 or 11 mo or so. He wouldn't let me put him down.

From your love and faithful husband,



When I'm able to sort Jason's 700+ pictures then I will post a few along with their stories.

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