Friday, December 24, 2010

Family Christmas Celebration

We celebrated our Christmas a little early since we were headed out of town for Christmas. Here are some pics from our Christmas celebration at home.

On our "Christmas Eve" (Wednesday) we started the day off with a trip to the donut shop!

Donut holes = delish.

Micah Man chillaxed.

I love our small town donut shop. Great service, great food, great family feel.

We spent some time chillin at the house and our friend Randy came by.

Ivory & Randy.

Micah Man.

Ivory & Micah opened their Christmas gifts from our precious friend & church secretary, Mrs. Melanie.

Ivory's microphone records & plays back what you say as well as plays several tunes. So fun.

Chalk fun.

Jason & Ivory raked, played, and buried themselves in leaves.

Later we went to eat dinner at our favorite Mexican restaraunt, Peppers.

We even splurged on some delicious cheese dip. Love their salsa & chips. What am I saying, I love their everything!! So hungry just thinking about it. Better stop before drool hits the keyboard...

Drove around after dinner looking at Christmas lights. Before we left one display we hear form the backseat, "More Christmas lights?! Find more Christmas lights!"

This picture is to show how excited Ivory was about opening a present on "Christmas Eve" (blurry from jumping).

Christmas Morning

Ivory on Christmas morning getting ready to look in her stocking + open presents. Of course, have to enjoy some chocolate milk first!

That would be candy cane on her face. Yes, before breakfast. What can I say? Christmas?

The noise putty she received the previous Sunday was the biggest hit of the day. Go figure.

Baking a birthday cake for Jesus with daddy.

We took a brief intermission from our Christmas celebrations to visit the doctor. Micah was due for a check-up. We would have canceled, but the kids both have a cough and we wanted to make sure it wasn't anything too severe before heading out of town. She said it's nothing more then a cold and not to worry or medicate. Praise God!

Went and celebrated Christmas later that afternoon with our MikeMike, Bobo + family.

Santa's cutest helper + Poppa.

Nina + Micah + Poppa.

My sweetest little Christmas treats.

(Micah's new favorite thing--sticking his tongue out.)

J + Nate (Nina's husband)

Micah + Meme

Micah + Christina + baby Z (in utero)

Micah + Nina + Aaron (their Aussie friend who Ivory found quite fascinating)

Preparing to sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus at our birthday party for Jesus celebration.

Happy birthday, Jesus!!

How many candles do you put on Jesus' birthday cake??

Poppa was a little on the hungry side...

Nina + Meme + Noel.

Spoiling Ivory with a ton of presents time. We loved them all! =)

Ivory is VERY into *presents* this year.

Now we just need to get her this excited about GIVING presents! She does enjoy giving and has made some gifts for people. Will have to post a few pics of the gifts she made. Very cute.

We had a wonderful family time with good food, wonderful story, amazing fellowship, and great gifts. We are blessed beyond measure and so grateful for how good our God is to us. It really is overwhelming at times all the goodness we receive. Thank you, Jesus, for humbling yourself and coming as a baby and relating to us. When I think of how humble your beginning here on earth I still stand in complete awe and gratefulness.

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