Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's on Your Phone?

I believe Ivory grows sweeter to her little brother daily. Don't get me wrong, we have our moments. But overall, she loves him. Even if she does like seeing him get in trouble. E.g. Micah reaches up to grab the Christmas lights on the tree. Mommy, "No, no Micah." Micah puts his hand down. No problem. Ivory apparently enjoyed hearing Mommy saying no to Micha for a change. Ivory looking at Micha, "Touch it. Touch it." Grabs his hand and touches the lights. One word--rotten.

Celebrating MikeMike's birthday at our favorite Mexican restaraunt--Pepper's.

Sidwalk chalk + my recent sewing makeover. Took Ivory's little Christmas shirt from last year and made it into this little shirt dress. I love the candy canes & red, but most of all I love what reminds us of who we really celebrate this time of year and every day.

And yes, it's cuter minus the chalk.

Lincoln logs.


Expressing excitement over the soon arrival of Nina (Christina)!

Does anyone else take mobile pix to give tips/hints/guides for their husbands when Christmas shopping for them? I promise he really did want me to give him a little help. These candles at T.J. Maxx smelled divine.

Making sure the store and price are all included for easy shopping + budgeting. Can't be too thorough. =)

So boots. Anyone else as picky as me? Even though I see 500+ in stores i've yet to find a gray/black pair I really like in my price range. Even out of my price range. Except for my sister's black boots. Those are awesome. But from Canada. And their hers. Stealing is wrong, right? I'm debating whether or not I like the following pair:

Flats are a must if I'm to actually wear them. I love me some heels, but I nearly break my neck in them and always seem to manage blisters. In this state sandals seem more practical anyways. I'll probably stick with those.

I'm still on the hunt for the "perfect" nativity set. I'm sort of liking this one.

How awesome is this?

My socks are all growing holes. My darning skills are limited. Darning socks always makes me think of that scene on Little Women where Jo is darning Prof Bear's (sp?) socks. So romantic...right? Um, sure.

Pouting because the ride to college to see Cassie graduate is so very long. Not sure I like hearing my 2-year-old shout with excitement, "I go to college!" Not yet, not yet!

Sad face. Such a faker.

Micah actually slept the entire way there! Maybe that's because he woke up at 4:30AM. And stayed AWAKE. Oh sweet boy of mine.

The ride home...well, that's another matter entirely. He didn't scream the ENTIRE 1.5hr ride. Oh Christmas drive of 4 hours take your time in coming.

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