Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Parade + Thankfulness of a Child

Waiting for the annual Christmas parade (flashback to last year--wow has my little girl grown! and so has her love for candy...). Joni stopped for a sec to say hey.

Ivory could hardly contain her excitement about the parade. While she waited she admired the "po-po" and begged to get in his white car. Should I be worried that my child so desperately wants a ride in a cop car? And for the record, her dad taught her to say "po-po." I had no idea that it would amount to a sign of disrespect--I thought it was super cute coming from my adorable little girl. No disrespect intended at all to those who serve us so faithfully, daily putting their lives on the line for our safety & well-being--thank you. We all love and appreciate you--especially my 2-year-old daughter!

Ivory was extra excited when MikeMike joined us for the parade. Daddy was still in PC finishing up Christmas shopping and mommy was a little nervous about going it alone with candy being thrown at us and in the road, people running in the road, darkness, 2 kids 2 & under...I'm sure you can imagine my hesitancy to embrace the situation. Of course, all is better with back-up, which I was especially grateful for when Micah was done enjoying the view from his stroller.

Puzzled excitement. I think at this point she was in awe of the lighted go-karts.

Santa's cutest reindeer.

MikeMike, "Ivory, do you like the firetrucks?" Ivory, "Yes, I do. I LOOOOOVE them"

"I don't like the white ones, though." Mom, "The ambulance?" Ivory, "Yes, I don't like the white ones. The ambulance. Just po-po and fire trucks." I'm sure when she actually grows to understand what they're for she'll be changing her tune...=) We might need to visit the ambulance station for a little learning field trip soon!

Adam & MikeMike keeping us company.

Ivory was also very excited to see Eeya (Aliya) in the parade. Congrats to one smart, talented girl for winning the Miss Teen scholarship program for Gulf county. Hope state goes just as well!

The parade was complete when daddy arrived to watch the rest of it with us! He had to park down the street and walk a block to get to us, and we're so glad he did!

We came home with a stuffed animal, oranges, candy (enough to last a year!), flyers, and t-shirts. Gotta love a small-town, homestyle parade complete with lighted go-karts, fire trucks, and friends.

And just a little reminder for what we should all be doing this Christmas season::

The other night we were laying in bed "thanking God for things" as Ivory and I customarily do at bedtime and I had to hold my nose and close my mouth to keep from rolling with laughter on a few. I LOVE listening to kids talk to God. Often hilarious. Often profound. Precious.

After listing many people she knows and loves she begins looing around the room. Here's a few of the many, many things Ivory's thankful for:

(stated repetitively before each item listed) "Thank you God for...

-polka dots
-changing table
-change diapers
-your eyes (touching mommy's face)
-your eyes (touching Cassie's face)
-my eyes (...etc. with nose & mouth)
-blanket (we stop for a minute to talk about & pray for those who don't have these things to keep them warm & safe)

...and other things I can't think of at the moment.

Boo-boos. Really? Do I thank God for boo-boos? It started me thinking about how this young child has learned to thank God for EVERYTHING in her life, good and bad, even what hurts...or just plain stinks. Poop? I love the things my children teach me.

This Christmas season remember to "thank God for things" as you go about each day and when you lay in bed and fall asleep at night.

"Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." --1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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