Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookin' Up Christmas

My little girl, "sang on gage" last Sunday. More like rang bells and managed not to cry on stage. And of course she looked stinkin' cute doing it.

Full house.

Waiting patiently for her turn on stage.

Some participants in the production.

Brother Mike welcoming everyone.

My husband leading in worship through song.

Ringing her little heart out.

So tiny. Yet, so big.

I know it's blurry--but check out that face!

And a few obligatory shots of the "big kids". =) Nah, they really do an *amazing* job. So fun to watch.

The LOVE this production. The cookies, hats, mixing bowls, and throwing of recipe cards seals the deal.

Story time--learning about the birth of Christ. The main star--the one we're all about.

And what would a kids production be without silly faces?

And the face that has us rolling.

Ivory is in complete awe of baby Jesus this year. Love. it.

A few recent baby Jesus experiences ::

Ivory playing with her imaginary baby. Christina, “What’s your baby’s name?” Ivory, “Micah. Um, baby Jesus.”

Walking outside and coming upon the big nativity set outdoors at the pastor’s house, Ivory, “I kiss baby Jesus? Oh no, he cold! Need a blanket. I kiss him.” She stoops down as gentle as can be and kisses his little forehead. Then covers him up with a big leaf and some hay to keep him warm.

She had to take baby Jesus with her in the car to see Cassie graduate. While riding in the car she cradles and rocks him singing Away in the Manger to him.
She loves reading about baby Jesus and only sometimes confuses him with baby Moses. She loves singing about him. So precious. Kids make Christmas 100x more fun.

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