Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Parties Galore

We've been to several Christmas parties lately, and I've failed to take pictures at all but the last.  Jason and I attended the firemen dinner a couple weeks back.  We enjoyed talking with his fellow firemen and other city employees over a humongous steak dinner.

The next Christmas dinner was with our precious deacons and pastor.  Another meal with steak and other delish food.  These Southerners know how to cook now, ya'll.

Our most recent Christmas celebration was with our amazing church staff + their families.  Love these people.  Our host was Mrs. Kay and Mr. Ray.  They are beautiful people and graciously opened up their home, welcoming our rambunctious sprouts.  Ivory especially loved all their singing and jiggling Christmas decorations setting them off over, and over, and over, and over...

Mr. Ray enjoying some youngin' lovin'.  Micah was his normal, happy, contented self while there.

Mrs. Kay showing Ivory her singing snowman.  Ivory was her normal, rambunctious, entertaining self.

Ivory was in awe of the flaming fire.

We've enjoyed our Christmas celebrations and we're looking forward to the rest that's still to come!

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