Friday, March 9, 2012

Everyday Happenings

Toys + Cinderella "computer" + dominoes + Daddy + Mommy = great entertainment.

Pointed the camera in his direction and this is what I got.  What's not to love?!

So, the Strength Team was at our church over the weekend.  While I recovered at home Jason + Bobo + Cassie + MikeMike took the kids to see their three performances.  Apparently it made quite an impression on Micah.

Love the contrast between our little princess + the strong man in the next video.

Our kids bring so much joy and I'm so glad to be playing with them and enjoying their cuddles again.


Tesha said...

Hi I am blog hoping from Kelly's link up. What a beautiful family you have. I just recently started a blog to cope with grief after my sixth son was stillborn 1-24-12. I am so happy to be able to meet other pastor's wives. Thanks for sharing.

jenn said...

I am hopping over from Kelly's Korner! Mike was my youth minister at Carlise and him, Robin, Bro. Kelly and Mrs. Mickie are special to me. I came to visit there at Wewa when Christina was home while she was pregnant with Michael and remember meeting you. You have a sweet family and those babies are just precious!!

Jill said...

i found you through kelly's blog, too! :)

your kiddos are just precious, and i love their names. if we have a boy, i'm seriously considering the name Korban. although, i'm not sure how i would spell it...Corbin...Corban....Korban...i don't know!

anyways, i'm your newest follower!