Friday, March 16, 2012

Cribs + Beds

Micah has officialy moved out of the crib as of Wednesday.  Now the littlest one makes his bed there.  It was time to move the play pen out of the hall...He rolls over all the time now but finds himself most comfortable on his belly while sleeping.  That sweet little sleeper of ours in that big crib and our sweet Micah Man in that big ole bed.  Brother + Sister now share a room.  They both find it to be *very* exciting.  In fact, we have to put Micah to bed and wait until he's asleep before laying Ivory down in her bed or they'd never go to sleep!  
Notice anything about how Ivory's sleeping?  She took the pillowcase off her pilllow, wrapped her pillow in her pink crochet flower blankie and slept inside her pillowcase.  Silly girl.  Love kids creativity + craziness.

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