Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's on Your Phone?

Let Ivory have my phone while on a lunch date with Caroline when she was on Christmas break. The results (fallen out quite a bit by this photo) of Alex's 2+ hours of hard work curling individual thin strands of my hair the night before church.  I hadn't been doted on like that in a long time!  Fun girls night...even if my neck/back did hurt after about 20minutes into it!  Korban asleep at Aunt Sherri's place following church service.  Ivory thoroughly enjoyed herself on a play date at Bella's house in January.

The kids enjoying our spontaneous trip to see Grandma + Pa in January.  Our sweet friend, Mrs. Tess found this AMAZING wooden doll house for the kids to play with--LOVE it.  The kids enjoyed performing us on their "stage."  Korban takes up thumb sucking.  Here he's fallen asleep on a dressing room bench while Mommy tries on clothes.  Shop 'til baby drops!  Sending Jason my love while we were apart. =(

Playing at Pa + Grandma's is hard work! Korban :: our little thumb sucker.
Addie + Ivory taking on adventure in our tiny treehouse.

Nana treating the kids to colorful popsicles at Dairy Queen on the way to their house!  Ivory, "Nana you spoil me!"  Micah, of course, had to have exactly what big sister ordered.  Messy but delicious.

Forgot how much kids choose color + sugar over true deliciousness (i.e. blizzards/ice cream).   Spoiling the grandkids wasn't enough, apparently, Nana also royally spoiled their mom treating us to an afternoon of manis + pedis.  So overwhelmed + grateful.  So nice to get away and relax for a few hours.  The guy doing my nails, "Don't fall asleep now..."  several times...yes, I was that relaxed.  Oh, and have you tried out the nail polish that lasts for weeks + doesn't chip?  I'm queen of ruining my nail polish, like within 5 minutes of painting.  These babies?  The manicure has lasted two weeks chip + ding free.  Practically a miracle.  I feel so spoiled! Korban chilling at Nana + Grandaddy's. Micah waiting for his turn to paint pinecones.  Love that chubby little sweetness!

Ivory's purse from Grandaddy, full you can't guess....nails  Yep, nails + scrap wood + smile "jewels" (tiles from the shower makeover).  She loves it!  Korban crying ... in the car .... in the car seat ... it's official = he hates it. Ivory + Micah in the car, relatively calm...for the moment.  This ones' for Pa -- Korban the razorback...sorry Pa, guess he's not a fan.  Ivory fell on her metal bed frame and has her first black eye. 
It actually didn't turn out nearly as black as I expected. 
Her reaction upon seeing it in the mirror?  "It's purple!  I love it!  It's so beautiful.  Will it stay purple forever?"  And dissapointment when told it wouldn't.

Porch play--love that the kids are so happy outside, especially when I can just sit on the porch swing and rest, something I've been needing to do a lot this week. 
Now I just need to steal Jason's phone and grab the cute videos + pix off it...

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