Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Korban - 4 months

Korban is growing bigger daily and daily we grow to love him more.  Poor baby caught mommy's sickness and went to the doctor with daddy on Monday (their first outing alone).  We didn't see any signs of illness until Sunday morning, but by Monday morning he already had an ear infection, raw nose, head congestion, and a pitiful little cough. Thankfully we caught it before infection set in his lungs and it seems like the antibiotics are working now.  He was pretty pitiful + very fussy most of Monday, though.

He wanted to be held and couldn't seem to get comfortable and only slept for short spurts in Mommy or Daddy's arms.  Thankfully, it seemed to wear off by evening (or he was just worn out) and he slept well that night. 

I was still feeling pretty rough so went back to the doctor Monday.  I nursed Korban before I left and was really afraid it might be one of my last times.  I figured they'd put me on heavier meds and tell me to stop nursing while on the meds.  But, instead I got great news!  My bronchitis is gone and my strep test was negative for any other infection.  Basically, I was just still feeling cruddy because of my majorly inflamed sinuses.  The doctor suggested some over the counter allergy medicine to reduce the inflammation and declared me non-contagious.  So grateful to be back as full time mom-wife-person.  Even if the meds are making me feel a little bit strange....mixed emotions about these meds--great for reducing inflammation but the side effects I could do without.  So grateful to still be nursing this sweet little man and soaking up his cuddles.

Though, I'm not going to lie, I was hoping to do a little dairy spluring--okay a lot.  Oh well, that time will come soon enough and these sweet cuddly moments won't last long enough. 

Love seeing Korban grow more intrigued with his surroundings and reach out to explore with his little hands. 

His eyes are wide with curiosity and he still has a quick smile for whoever looks his way. 

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