Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun with Kids

I don't know about you, but there are plenty of days where just trying to come up with ways to keep my kids happy and busy is overwhelming and exhausting.  Some days they play so well by themselves and their attention spans seem much longer.  Other days it seems like the day just drags and I try not to just survive until bedtime.  Well, on days like this it's nice to have an activity list on hand for entertainment options.  Or for those weekends were nothing is planned and we need a change from the everyday routine.  I've spent some time compiling a list of activity ideas + links.  Moms feel free to copy/use it as much as you want.  Have any great ideas you want to share/add?  E-mail or comment, please!  We are always looking for new, fun things to try.
·        Legos
·        Lincoln logs
·        Drawing
·        Dot painting (q-tips work great)
·        Paint seashells
·        Coloring
·        Baking (take the baked goodies to someone)
·        Cooking
·        Make snack cars (apple slices + grapes + toothpicks)
·        Make ice cream (ice cream maker / ice cream in a bag)
·        Treasure hunt around the house (make a map to follow)
·        Hide treasures in rice/salt/sand
·        Write in salt/sand (use finger, stick, crayon, pencil, butter knife)
·        Play dough (make your own play dough or this recipe)
·        Dye noodles and sort, make shapes, jewelry, and word art
·        Dye rice and make shakers
·        Make fruit roll-ups
·        Create your own play or puppet show
·        Stacking games with odd items (soup cans, cereal boxes, etc.)
·        Dance
·        Make cards + take them to someone / mail them
·        Pillow fight
·        Indoor tent/fort
·        Make paper bag puppets
·        Fancy Nancy paper doll
·        Face paints/crayons
·        Make big crayons + color large picture on butcher paper
·        Make potato stamps
·        Food stamping (lemons, limes, apples, oranges, etc.)
·        Money lesson/activity
·        Build a race track for matchbox cars with masking tape
·        Marshmallow animals/creations (marshmallows + toothpicks)
·        Sort objects in egg cartons
·        Rainbow painted toast
·        Glow stick balloons
·        Popsicle bracelet cuff
·        Yarn block prints (wrap yarn around block of wood + stamp in paint + stamp on paper)
·        Play a board/card game (dominos, cards, memory)
·        Make a color theme meal/snack
·        Build boats to float in water (tub, pool, river, lake) (use milk carton)
·        Finger paint (make your own or paint with pudding)
·        Complete an activity from the school activity sheet
·        Make shakers (paper plates + beans/rice + staples)
·        Shoebox guitar (from shoebox + rubber bands + paper towel roll)
·        Make giant shoes (from shoeboxes + decorate + walk in them, race)
·        Mini marshmallow poppers (cut off the bottoms of paper cups & slip on balloons, launch spongy sweets into the air. Host a contest to see who can pop marshmallows the farthest or get the most into a bowl that’s a few feet away.)
·        Fairies in a jar (1.Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter. 2 Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake)
OUTDOOR: warm/cold
·        Bubbles (make giant bubbles or make your own bubble mix)
·        Chalk (make giant homemade chalk)
·        Treasure hunt (make a map)
·        Outdoor picnic (snack/meal)
·        Camping (night time/day time)
·        Star gaze (learn the constellations)
·        Bug collecting
·        Kick the can
·        Collect + press flowers/leaves
·        Collect leaves + paint them
·        Collect rocks + paint them
·        Plant seeds/garden
·        Rake leaves
·        Set-up a lemonade/hot chocolate stand
·        Hopscotch
·        Play soccer (make goals)
·        Play kickball
·        Play catch
·        Bonfire
·        Spray paint art (diluted paint in spray bottles)
·        Make pavement paint + paint outside
·        Run through sprinkler
·        Play in baby pool
·        Slip in slide
·        Water party
·        Local park (feed ducks + goats)
·        Library
·        Visit church member
·        Visit someone who hasn’t been to church in a while
·        Play date
·        Visit the fire trucks
·        Bike ride
·        Walk to the post office
·        Beach
·        Watch the sunset
·        Visit Meme + Papa’s “farm”
·        Fishing
·        River
·        Public swimming pool

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Stopping by from Kelly's link up. Precious family you have.