Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nina Visits

Nina + Michael came to town this past week and we were so excited!  Tuesday evening the Strouds had a sort of reunion with people they have attended church with over the years.  It was our first evenings to see Nina + Micahel.  Little Miss Sunshine
Korban made new friends and hung out some with Meme.    Micah enjoyed Cassie snuggles.

He also met some new friends. We enjoyed meeting the twins. We also enjoyed some delicious food.
And some good laughs.  Group shot in sanctuary of the church they all attended together. Sanctuary Play time -- Micahel + Micah.  Micah *loves* Michael this visit and wants him to climb, crawl, walk, and run with him.  He keeps going up to Michael and hugging him. Cassie enjoyed some sweet newborn snuggles. So many babies to love on and enjoy. Then Wednesday night Nina + Michael came to visit at our house.  Micah went to bed that night before Michael + Nina left.  The next mornng Micah woke up looking for Michael all over the place + calling his name.  So sweet.
We love us some Michael + Nina time!

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